Up & Go Dairy Free Lunchbox

Up & Go Dairy Free Lunchbox

New research from Australian brand, Sanitarium UP&GOO revealed that 79% of dairy intolerant people with young children are more likely than those without, to have dealt with reactions from others when they tell them they have a dairy intolerance as many people don't understand the impact it has on their life - and assume they're making it up! 


We also know it's common across Aussie parents, that they are time poor and have difficulty finding dairy and gluten free lunch box options which are quick and easy, but still nutritious.   


UP&GO commissioned the research to highlight the impact living a dairy free lifestyle has on Australians, following a huge number of requests from consumers for a dairy-free variant of their iconic product – and UP&GO have now released a Dairy Free version! It's even gluten free! 


Review: Same great taste, but for me, less gut irriation.  While dairy is a great source of calcium and many other nutrients some of us suffer from major or minor reactions like, skin outbreaks and gut irritation, so it's great to have an alternative that suits the household including those on plant based diets.