Tuva Finserås Pack of Wolves Interview

Tuva Finserås Pack of Wolves Interview

Spins on triple j Unearthed and FBi Radio


Norwegian-born, Melbourne based artist Tuva Finserås is proud to release her hypnotic new single Pack of Wolves. Following on from her colour-pop single Easy Going Monday released earlier this year, Pack of Wolves delves into the darker-side of the multi-instrumentalist and is out now.

Pack of Wolves is available on Spotify & Soundcloud. Listen to Pack of Wolves via triple j Unearthed here.

Infused with Tuva Finserås' slightly off-kilter Scandinavian sensibility, Pack of Wolves edges you to escape reality and look deep into the eyes of your fears. Layered over carefully constructed thumping drums designed to entwine and entangle you, each line is purposefully placed to draw you in, surrounded by swirling electronic and acoustic instrumentals. Pack of Wolves was produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Alex the Astronaut, nyck, Gordi) and is the second single and title track from Tuva Finserås' forthcoming debut EP due out in 2018.

A classically trained pianist and music major, Tuva Finserås was born and raised in Drøbak, Norway, and began her musical journey playing violin at an annual Norwegian folk music festival, before starting piano at age nine. After wanting to move away to pursue her love of music, she had a burst of inspiration whilst watching Home and Away and decided on Australia, eventually settling in to Melbourne in early 2015. She released her bright and colourful first single Easy Going Monday in June this year, where it was added to triple j Unearthed with Outlet Magazine calling her "enchanting".

Interview with Tuva Finserås

Question: What inspired your move to Australia?

Tuva Finserås: It's a weird story but I watched the soap show Home and Away through my teen years and just fell in love with Summerbay. Everything about the characters and the lifestyle seemed so friendly and laidback. I thought, if that's what Australia is like I have to go and live there. Melbourne is such a different place, but people are still very open and laid-back and it's not too far from a surf coast.

Question: Who is your favourite Home and Away character?

Tuva Finserås: There are a lot of good characters through the years! I stopped watching the show a little while ago, but I remember I loved Kyle Braxton! He had a pretty rough start but eventually started being a really nice guy and he's a musician too!

Question: How would you describe your music?

Tuva Finserås: It's a psychedelic blend between electronic/acoustic sounds and Indie/folk songwriting. It's pretty cinematic and often consist of string arrangements, but every song varies. Some songs have a sweeter sound, while others are more dark and big.

Question: What was the main inspiration behind Pack of Wolves?

Tuva Finserås: I got the idea from a poster I had on my bedroom wall. It was a pack of wolves that would stare at me while I would try and sleep. The wolves are a metaphor for the bad thoughts in your mind haunting you, trying to get you. It's like you're in a nightmare running away from your thoughts.

Question: What can we expect from your forthcoming debut EP?

Tuva Finserås: It's pretty spicy! It moves through happy colour-pop, to dark, spacious alternative pop, to relaxing dreamy acoustics. It explores a big variety of themes and emotions.

Question: If you could have anyone, in the world, attend your show, who would it be?

Tuva Finserås: Good question! It would've been Michael Jackson if he was still alive, but if I have to choose someone who's here today I'd pick the former home and away star Isabel Lucas. I've always dreamt of being an actress and I looked up to her when I was younger. She seems so down to earth and she's a good activist. It would be cool to meet her.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Tuva Finserås: I love recording! It's such an interesting and exciting process making everything come to life, and I love composing. I'm just starting to perform now, and although it's a bit nerve-wracking, I can see myself really loving it when my set is polished from top to toe.

Question: What motivates you most when writing music?

Tuva Finserås: I get the most ideas when I'm out in the nature, especially on the sea! Feelings and thoughts are floating more natural in me, and it's like I'm diving into my unconscious mind, which I can create music from. Writing actually makes me understand myself better. I also like to write from observing other people's life, even from a movie or making up my own movie-scene.

Question: Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

Tuva Finserås: I'm listening to the Swedish singer and songwriter Lykke li, she has so many great songs! And the production and arrangements are really interesting. This song/production is so good: YouTube I've also started to dig into the multi-talent jazz musician Jacob Collier, he is incredible!

Question: What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Tuva Finserås: Michael Jackson was my first big idol. I loved his songs so much! Still do, but I've listened to them a lot. He really inspired me to sing and write songs, it just feels right being a musician - it's the only thing I'm fit for (laughs)!

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Tuva Finserås: I love the Norwegian indie folk-pop duo Kings of Convenience. I would love loved writing and recording a song with them one day!

Interview by Brooke Hunter