Treat thrush simply and quickly with DiFLUCAN Duo

Most Australian women experience the symptoms of vaginal thrush sometime in their life. And if you've ever had thrush, you know that it's unpleasant and relief can't come quickly enough. But now there's an effective and simple treatment with DiFLUCAN Duo.

DiFLUCAN Duo contains a single, easy-to-swallow capsule and a tube of soothing cream. The capsule provides you with the complete course of treatment, and the cream gives you fast relief from itching.

With the oral capsule and cream in one convenient pack, DiFLUCAN Duo gets you through a thrush attack comfortably and you should experience improvement within a day. Treat thrush simply. Soothe quickly.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Your pharmacist's advice is required.