Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper

Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper


Having a baby isn't all giggles, cuddles and fun, they also mean sleepless nights, plenty of tears and a constant stream of dirty nappies. But now, there's one less thing to worry about with the all-new Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper, designed to help take the 'Phew' out of 'Baby Poo'!

The new Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper banishes nasty nappy whiffs, meaning you need only smell gorgeous smells again! This convenient, hygienic and easy to use gadget twists and compresses nappies, wraps them individually into a neat 'chain', seals away germs and odours and conveniently stores them in one compact tub.

And because Tommee Tippee knows that as baby gets older, the smells get stronger, they've created two innovative antibacterial cassettes so your Nappy Wrapper can grow with your baby!

Use the stage one cassette (from birth to approximately 4 months) for newborn nappies, then switch to the green stage two cassette (from around 4 months) once baby moves on to solid foods. The antibacterial agent and pleasant fragrance will help protect against nasty nappy smells and germs.

The new Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper is a brilliant time saver. It holds up to 28 dirty nappies meaning an end to last-minute searches for plastic bags, fewer trips to the garbage bin and no more smelly whiffs of nappies before bin day!

Just one twist seals away smells, germs and mess and it's so easy to empty, you can even do it whilst holding the baby! The new white and lilac colours also make it a stylish addition to any nursery.

RRP: tub - $79.95
0-4 month cassettes - $18.95
4+ months - $20.95
New Nappy Wrapper cassettes may be used with the previous Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper (yellow) tub

The new Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper is available at Target, Big W, Kmart, David Jones and selected Pharmacies and Independent Baby stores.

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