Tips For Buying Lingerie Online

Tips For Buying Lingerie Online

Lingerie shopping is a huge task. Since we all come in different shapes and sizes, shopping for bras is possibly the most intricate and customized purchase a woman can make.


Shopping online vs in store

There are many benefits to shopping for lingerie online as opposed to going to a brick and mortar store. Online shopping provides you with many more options to buy as their stock is not limited to the size and location of a store. A lot of online stores also offer customers to try lingerie at home and if there are issues with the size or comfort, they can then return and exchange. Convenience is at the forefront of online shopping, so eCommerce websites are designed and built for an easy customer experience.

Online stores for bras and lingerie offer endless collections with varieties of different products and brands. Some good stores also have top fashion designers on staff who match up with the latest trends and bring you the recent and best lingerie selection ever. Moreover, the deals and discounts offered by online stores are irresistible leaving you with no reason to step back.


The best online lingerie shop for buying bras

DeBra's is one of the best online lingerie shops in Australia founded by Debra Kinney in Penrith, Australia in the year 2002. It has earned its reputation as a leading bra shop for women with heavier busts. Their individualized service is unmatched while they also specialize in professional fittings. Contrary to many of its rivals, DeBra's online bra shop takes pleasure in offering one of the largest collections of bras, swimwear and lingerie for women with bigger busts and curvier figures. They have also partnered with allied health professionals across Australia to support women with innovative bra solutions who face problems due to surgery or any kind of injury.

Debras offers an in store and virtual fitting appointment to help women all over Australia, find the perfect bra for their shape and size.


Tips for buying a perfectly-fitted bra online

Your lingerie drawer may be filled with stylish and expensive bras but if they don't fit your body type, outfit, or breasts, it's time to start shopping for the perfect ones.

●       Assess current bra size and comfort level: you are wearing the wrong size bra if your breasts are coming out of the cups, bra cups are wrinkled, or cause neck and shoulder pain.

●       Check your measurements: wear your regular bra and measure the band size first under your bust and round it up to the nearest whole number.

●       Size guide comparisons & fittings: Every online store would have a size guide, with some even providing virtual fittings and assistance with sizing. Be thorough and check your measurements against that of their size guide.

●       Explore the options: compare the greatest number of options to choose the best that would provide you comfort and make you feel the best.

●       Take your preferences into account: buy according to your preferred style. That could be a balcony or demi bra, wired or wireless bra, fancy or regular, broad, thin, or something fancy.

●       Full-figure and plus-size bras: full-figure bras include a larger (DD+) cup and a larger (38+) band for curved, strong figures. Bras for plus-size with band size 38+ might not have a larger cup. All plus-size bras are full-figure, but not all full-figure bras are plus-size.

●       Check the returns policy: online shopping is a convenient way to browse lots of products, but when it comes to items which need to be fitted properly to your body, it is important you have options for returns or exchanges.


Follow these tips and get the best lingerie that satisfies your needs and expectations. Look for a reliable online lingerie store with the best customer reviews to make a smart lingerie purchase.


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