Top Earner

Top Earner

Across the world people are scared and they have good reason to be. Jobs are evaporating and banks are closing. My generation has never seen anything close to this and the worst part is there is NO END in sight.

HOWEVER: We are safe.

Over the next few minutes I will be sharing with you (from the inside) what it is like to be an at home entrepreneur. Someone making a strong 6-figure income, immune from what is happening on Wall St, Main St, or any other street in country for that matter!

Some people seem to be unaffected by this "Social Climate", and this immunity has become somewhat of a Global Phenomena. For example, the real estate crash in the United States led to an uproar of pandemonium as people started losing homes, and agents and brokers started losing weight. People are scared, and rightfully so I guess. There is however one thing I can't help but notice... that is the $3 & 4 Million homes that are being built (and seem to be going breaking ground every 3-6 months) across the street from our home. Surely if these luxury homes are being built people are buying them! WHO is buying them? Many times people often ask that question, "WHO is doing what?" I challenge that the questions is not about WHO is doing what rather "WHAT are they doing" WHAT are the successful, healthy, happy and abundant people doing to realize a life by their creation instead of a life controlled by circumstances.

I asked that very question in 2003 & took some action to find the answer. Two years later, at the age of 25, I went from waiting tables at an Italian restaurant to a self-made millionaire. A Fluke? I think not... in the month of Sept 2008 two Australian associates in our business made $181,000 in 31 days! (They tied for the monthly income record in our company) they both were less than 18 months in business.

If something happens twice it's usually a coincidence, so you ask.... Coincidence? Nope.... In October of 2007 a real estate broker who was severely effected by the crash of 05' earned $104,000 in his first 90 DAYS of business here with us.

And the list goes on. People who, in the midst of a social debacle, are turning unrest and out of touch into abundance and time freedom, going from survive to thrive. Yes something can be done about it! Our company is thriving, our associates are thriving, we've been doing so since 2001 and most of the free world doesn't even know we exist.

So I ask you.... are you thinking now "WHO' are these people?" or are you thinking "WHAT' are these people doing to experience Success, Abundance, Happiness, & Health?" "WHAT are these people doing to design a life instead of living a life by design?"


PS- Don't you think it's time to be a part of the solution?