The Positive Impact of Fresh Flowers in the Office

The Positive Impact of Fresh Flowers in the Office

The Positive Impact of Fresh Flowers in the Office

The workplace can be a busy and sometimes stressful place. These days many businesses are trying all sorts of perks and extras to help employees be happier and more productive. Among all the complicated schemes and benefits on offer there's one thing you can do that's often overlooked that's so much simpler, and that looks better too. The answer? Fresh flowers. As well as improving the aesthetics of any office, studies have shown that flowers can have a huge impact in the workplace, influencing everything from mood, productivity, and even employee's health.

Flowers can improve the office atmosphere in multiple ways. One study found that seeing fresh flowers boosted employee's moods and energy levels, particularly in the early morning. Fresh blooms in the office don't just help in the mornings though. We now know that exposure to flowers can impact anxiety levels and negativity, even reducing feelings of depression. Being around fresh flowers on a regular basis can also reduce blood pressure and lower the amount of employee sick days.

As well as reducing negative emotions, flowers can have a huge impact on creativity levels. The best part is that this impacts both men and women equally. Yep, flowers aren't just for girls. Employees working in an office that included fresh flowers and plants think more innovatively, have more creative ideas, and are more original in their problem solving. In one study, both men and women generated 30% more ideas than those in offices without flowers and plants.

Providing fresh flowers has to be one of the easiest and low cost ways to boost employee happiness and productivity. You can even have the entire process taken care of for you, so you don't have to lift a finger. Florist services such as the best flower delivery Brisbane has to offer will deliver ready-made fresh bouquets or arrangements on a regular basis, even cleaning up older deliveries as part of the service. A good florist can also help you select types of flowers that suit your office style and environment, making sure that the blooms have their intended effect and last as long as possible.

For best results, rather than going for one huge display, dot fresh flowers in well trafficked areas of the office. Places such as the entrance desk, conference room, near communal equipment, or the kitchen work well. It's a good idea to appoint someone to keep the water topped up and trim any flowers past their prime. Alternatively, you could make this a group effort. Multiple studies show that tending to flowers increases well-being and overall life satisfaction.

What is perhaps most surprising is that the positive impacts fresh flowers have on a person are long lasting. By starting the day off on a happy note, studies found that employees were more likely to feel uplifted for the rest of the day. The benefits also do not reduce, in fact often studies showed the exact opposite. So in today's often technology-focused world, creating happy workplace full of inspired, motivated, and productive employees can be as simple as turning back to mother nature.


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