The other Women's Movement

The other Women's Movement

The other Women's Movement

The revolutionary new approach to bowel health and conditioning

By Bowel Specialist, Dr Michael Levitt

Myths and misconceptions about the normal workings of our bowels and about the causes and treatments of constipation are rife. Dr Levitt explodes the myths of good bowel health and shows by example how to overcome problems that can affect your life and health.

A daily bowel action accompanied by a good, strong urge is very nice if you've got it; it just isn't like that for many, many people.

This book describes the view that Dr Levitt has come to after 20 years of treating thousands of (mainly) women with mild to severe constipation. It talks about what causes constipation and how to treat it. In particular, it describes a novel treatment strategy that is effective in improving symptoms in the vast majority of sufferers and in restoring their sense of control over their bowels and over their lives as a whole. The relief observed when patients understand, for the first time that they are not to blame, that there is real hope of improvement and that there really are people who understand and who are prepared to talk about the awkward and unsavoury details of their constipation is amazing. It literally changes their lives!

Men just don't get it.... this is serious women's business!

Of the many differences between men and women, one of the most frustrating is the difference in how regularly and easily they "go". While men tend to start their day by heading straight to the bathroom, most women wake up asking themselves, "What am I going to have to eat, drink or do today to get my bowels to work?"

For many people, constipation is a regularly recurring, more or less constant problem, in some cases an almost lifelong nightmare. And it is almost always women who suffer from this sort of chronic constipation. In fact, as many as one in three middle-aged women in Western society experience ongoing and recurring problems with slow and sluggish bowels.

People are almost always embarrassed about their constipation and are almost always reluctant to share the details of their bowel function even with their own doctors. Even worse, myths and misconceptions abound concerning what is "normal" for our bowels and what we can or should take to help. All too often, the blame for constipation is pinned fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the sufferers themselves for not eating the right foods or not drinking enough liquids. But the fact remains that even our own doctors are not always particularly knowledgeable about constipation, preferring (commendably) to exclude serious causes but then (regrettably) recommending ineffective or inappropriate treatments. These doctors who advise women about the treatment of their constipation are very often males, many of whom do not readily appreciate the realities and difficulties of a condition they are unlikely ever to experience themselves.Dr Levitt has developed a proven strategy that is helping women to feel lighter and more in control. The simple solution is in "The Other Women's Movement".

What goes wrong?

The ideal bowel motion will be associated with a strong urge to go, easy initiation of rectal emptying, comfortable passage of bowel matter and a sensation of thorough completion. When these four circumstances are fulfilled, a bowel action is an easy (and frankly enjoyable) experience irrespective of whether it occurs daily or weekly.

Since the urge is the first phase of any bowel action, it is also often the most important phase and the one most likely to impact upon the other phases. In fact, most cases of constipation can be viewed as a disorder of urge. Certainly, the solution to constipation almost always requires serious attention to restoring a normal, even vigorous (ideally, irresistible) urge to evacuate.

Dr Levitt describes how to achieve this irresistible urge in "The Other Women's Movement"

Dr Levitt's Simple Solution

Constipation can be understood. More importantly, it can be conquered and sufferers can be literally set free from their debilitating symptoms. In addition, using the same strategies of managing your bowels when the symptoms are only mild may actually prevent the development of this state of chronic constipation and improve your general sense of well-being.

"Early on, I recognised that time-honoured Magnesium Sulfate salt was the cornerstone of a rational approach to treating constipation. "There is now available dried, dehydrated, concentrated and encapsulated Magnesium Sulfate (Colocap Balance™), creating a palatable way of delivering Dr Levitt's solution.

Learn about Dr Levitt's solution and the capsules on or

Women have their say on Dr Levitt's approach

"I was taking laxatives every day, but the effects were becoming less and less noticeable. Now I have turned the tables on constipation and I am back in control" Ann

"No amount of fruit, bran or muesli seemed to improve my situation since I had my first baby. My new once weekly regime keeps me regular and relaxed." Sue"I feel much lighter and less bloated, but more importantly I have more confidence in my body again" Gina


· Do your bowels interfere with your enjoyment of your life?
· Do you strain to get your bowels to work?
· Do you have frequent bloating?
· Do you need laxatives regularly?
· Do your bowel problems make you unhappy, uncomfortable or anxious?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", you are not alone and help is at hand.

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