The New Tech Camper

The New Tech Camper

The New Tech Camper

The -tech camper' (#techcamper) is the newest camping phenomenon hitting Australia.  

Sitting around a campfire boiling a billy and cooking marshmallows is no longer enough.

'The camper has really evolved. They want to have the outdoor holiday but with a number of home comforts as well such as television, air conditioning and soy lattes", said Lachlan Adams, Co-Founder, MyGenerator (Australia's leading online comparison platform for all things camping and glamping).

Campers are no longer just in a tent under the stars. Caravaners are no longer satisfied to be in a cumbersome heat box.

'The mobile phone controlled portable freezer sums up exactly what campers want now. It comes with a Wi-Fi app that allows the user to control the temperatures of the fridge and freezer compartments, from their smart phone or tablet.

'Campers are becoming more tech savy and investing more into gadgets which make their experience more enjoyable. They also want portability and more instant gratification", said Adams.

Outside of the Wi-Fi fridge, other very popular -gadgets' for the #techcamper are:

Foldable solar blanket- This is the lightest, most compact and most portable solar solution for any camper. It can charge all types of batteries including laptops, cars, boats, mobiles and caravans. It's literally a blanket, so can't shatter like traditional solar panels and is even used by the US Military.


Air conditioner- The inverter rooftop air conditioner has new technology which reduces power start up issues, which provides assistance to caravan holiday makers not relying on mains power. They are also able to control the temperature ensuring caravans don't get too hot or too cold and even have remote controlled oscillating vents and cold plasma air purification.

If anyone thought a camper couldn't be a yuppy, they don't know about the brand new #techcamper.