The Logo Board Game

The Logo Board Game

The Logo Board Game


Take a digital break, with The Logo Board Game


It's time to put your iPhone down, step away from technology and take some social time out with family and friends.


Board Games are the perfect way to take a break from technology, and the Logo Board Game, based on all the brands you know and love is the pick of the bunch!  


From the humble Four N Twenty pie to Louie the Fly, this game is choc full of bonza Aussie content.


The best part about the Logo Board Game is you don't need to be a general knowledge whiz! There's no need to know which film was runner up at the 1957 Oscars OR what team won the Ashes in 1902, you just need to KNOW YOUR BRANDS!


The Logo Board Game is a must have for people that pay attention to the world around them and is the perfect idea for a family fun game or casual catch up with friends. With over 1,600 questions to be answered, The Logo Board game has something for everyone! Tap into that brain of yours and get testing!


The Logo Board Game
RRP $35.00
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Review: A great game for all ages, you'll be surprised at what the kids know...