The French Market

The French Market

A mouth-watering collection of recipes inspired by fresh, seasonal French market produce.

Once again Joanne Harris and Fran Warde have collaborated to write a French Cookbook with a difference. This time they have gone to Gascony for their inspiration and into the world of the French rural market. The best ingredients in season, locally produced fruit, vegetables, wines and cheeses combine to make it a recipe for success. Nerac Melon with Floc, Foie Gras with Peaches, Summer Duck Salad and Roasted Stuffed Courgettes are only some of the recipes that will help recapture the tastes of summertime and the authentic French regional experience.

Following the success of 'The French Kitchen', Joanne Harris and Fran Warde have collaborated once more to write a French cookbook with a difference. This time they have taken their inspiration from the rural markets of Gascony.

Tomatoes as nature intended them to be - large, misshapen and bursting with taste - sun ripened melons, locally produced foie gras, air-dried goat's cheese rolled in herbs, organic honey, persimmons and floc (a uniquely addictive combination of freshly pressed grape juice and aged Armagnac), all from the basis of a deliciously simple collection of recipes that recapture all the sensations and flavours of summertime.

Traditional dishes like cassoulet, beef bourguignon and creme caramel, as well as creative reinterpretations of old favourites - chilli duck with orange salad and wild mushroom tartlets - all combined to make 'The French Market' a recipe for success.

Random House Australia
Author: Joanne Harris
ISBN: 0385608233
RRP: $65.00