The Eyebrow Queen

The Eyebrow Queen

The Eyebrow Queen is Melbourne's leading eyebrow shaping salon, servicing a range of celebrity and high-profile clients including Margot Robbie, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Lucy  McIntosh, Paige Royal, Lauren Phillips and many more.


With over 20 years industry experience, The Eyebrow Queen has established itself as Australia's leading salon for perfect brows; transforming the faces of models, actors and celebrities with their unique and personalised brow shaping techniques.

At The Eyebrow Queen, they know that eyebrows are as unique as your fingerprints – differing in formation, size and shape. They understand that there shouldn't be a 'one size fits all' approach for creating the perfect brows. Eyebrow shaping is a delicate art form which should accentuate your natural features and promote symmetry and balance.

Largely considered as the non-surgical alternative to a face-lift, The Eyebrow Queen carefully exposes the natural brow bone while adopting a combination of waxing, plucking, trimming and tinting techniques. The Eyebrow Queen will transform your eyebrows into sleek and sexy works of art leaving you with a more glamorous and youthful appearance.

Praised by both women and men alike, The Eyebrow Queen has appeared in numerous articles and TV segments across Australia for their unparalleled expertise.

Carmen's talent for eyebrow shaping blossomed while studying beauty therapy in her homeland of Romania. After relocating to Australia in the mid 1980's, Carmen quickly developed a reputation for creating naturally defined brows that highlight the eyes and accentuate the cheekbones.

It was Carmen's natural talent for creating celebrity-looking brows that gave her impressive media attention in Australia, and saw her art form praised by the likes of Vouge and Harpers Bazaar.

Now joined by her daughter Diana, Carmen has established herself as Melbourne's most sought after eyebrow artist - transforming the faces of models, actors and celebrities with her unique and personalised brow shaping techniques.





For years I've been trying to get my eyebrows right, trying different salons but nothing really clicked.  Enter Carmen, The Eyebrow Queen, her unique understanding of Eyebrows comes from her facination and talent for drawing.  Carmen takes it back to her beauty school training where she realised there was a connection between artist ability to draw a face and reshape eyebrows to suit that face.


"Anyone can tint your eyebrows, wax and pluck" but Carmen's artistic eye allows her to balance eyebrows to each unique face, down to the very last hair that in her opinion "can make a difference to the overall appearance".  Her attention to detail has paid off, as there is no shortage of A list celebrity, models and magazine clientele lining up for her time. 


From a young age Carmen her daughter Diana the artistic flair required to reshape eyebrows, and Diana has expanded her talent into feathering.


I can honestly say has reshaped my seemlingly unshapeable brows, giving them the lift and arch I was looking for.  Very impressed, The Eyebrow Queen is definitely well worth a visit to get your brows back on track.  This is definitely the 'shape' I've been looking for.


The Eyebrow Queen

Suite N / 1st Floor, 450 Chapel Street, South Yarra 3141

03 9827 7164 / 0425 730 798


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