The Alkaline Cookbook

The Alkaline Cookbook

The Alkaline Cookbook

An alkaline diet rebalances the body's pH, which is the secret to good health and longevity. Within The Alkaline Cookbook are tips on creating an alkaline kitchen alongside 100 recipes for every level of skill, specially developed by the chefs at the world's oldest detox clinic, the FX Mayr Health Centre, Dr Stephan Domenig and Heinz Erlacher.

What is pH? pH is the measure of alkalinity within your body, measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The higher the pH number, the more alkaline; anything below 7 is in the acidic range, which is considered bad for your health. For optimal health a person should be slightly alkaline – ideally around 7.4 – but a Western lifestyle of too many processed foods, coffee, sugar and alcohol means we are generally much more acidic.

The Alkaline Cookbook follows on from the success of The Alkaline Cure and focuses on restoring balance to an acidic body by increasing the intake of alkaline foods and rediscovering a life that is at one with our natural rhythms.

This pioneering new cookbook is packed with delicious, easy recipes. In Spring, start the day with wild garlic leaves and nettle, in Summer cool down with watermelon gazpacho; in Autumn enjoy a hearty potato, porcini, faro and chestnut stew; and in Winter treat yourself to a rich amaranth chocolate cake, there are no deprivations.

The Alkaline Cookbook is specifically designed to help rebalance our pH and stabilise the body's alkalinity, reboot metabolism and revitalise our body for increased health, energy and well-being.

The Mayr Clinic in Austria is one of the world's best known clinics for restoring health. Dr Stephan Domenig is the medical director at The Original F.X. Mayr Health Centre and has helped countless people lose weight, regain control over what they eat and feel better about themselves. He is fully trained in Mayr theory with certifications in general and emergency medicine, orthomolecular medicine, applied kinesiology, chronobiology and chiropractics.

The Alkaline Cookbook
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Author: Dr Stephan Domenig
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