Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

Starting a good oral care program as soon as their children's teeth show will be one of the best things parents can do for their children.

Although many children don't have the manual dexterity to clean their teeth with a manual toothbrush until they are old enough to hand write, an electronic toothbrush empowers them with the correct brushing technique as soon as they can hold one.

Dental Health Month (August) is an ideal time for families to address their dental health programs and consider introducing electric toothbrushes to every family member's routine.

Electric toothbrushes also allow parents of young children to brush teeth more safely and accurately.

1. Brush twice a day
2. Floss after brushing every day
3. Visit your dentist at least once a year

A new range of electric toothbrushes from Sunbeam highlights the benefits of having a good dental health care program and seriously addresses the business of oral health care from an early age.

Designed in Australia for Australian kids, the Sunbeam SensAction Fairy and Dinosaur clean teeth effectively and efficiently - with an element of fun.

Dentists never tire of encouraging parents to start their children cleaning their teeth at an early age, and using a battery operated toothbrush is highly recommended.

In addition to good teeth cleaning, power toothbrushes help children become acquainted with the sounds and vibrations of the equipment used by dentists. So a visit to the dentist is not a foreign or negative experience.

There's no need for brushing teeth to be time consuming or a chore - the waterproof Sunbeam toothbrushes can be used while children are bathing, in the shower, or even while mum or dad help them get ready for bed.

It is important that parents understand that cleaning teeth alone won't stop decay. A good diet is also important too, which means avoid sugary snack foods and soft drinks. Good dental health care will save your children's teeth and you money in the long term.

  • Start at the back of the mouth on the outside of the top teeth and work around the outside before starting on the inside.

  • Repeat this method starting on the outside of the bottom teeth, then along the chewing surfaces.

  • Guide the brush so the bristles also gently massage the gum line.

  • Don't use an electric toothbrush like a manual toothbrush. Keep your hand still and simply guide it across your teeth. The electric toothbrush will do the brushing.

  • Most importantly, be systematic.

The Sunbeam SensAction range of battery operated toothbrushes for children are waterproof and durable. The cup shaped brush head and soft bristles are gentle on teeth and gums.

Sunbeam toothbrushes are available from department stores and electrical retailers nationally. Prices start from $24.95 rrp.

Information taken from the Sunbeam Healthy Teeth Handbook