Stuck On You

Stuck On You
Released: February 12 2004
Cast: Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Cher, Eva Mendes, Wen Yann Shih, Seymour Cassell
Directors: Bobby & Peter Farrelly
Genre: Comedy
Rated: M
Running Time: 122 Minutes

Brothers Stick Together.

Stuck On You is a Farrelly brothers (There's Something About Mary, Me Myself & Irene, Shallow Hal) comedy about a pair of Siamese twins who have their own everything but are joined at the hip because they share a liver. They use their unique gift in a means to gain acceptance and live as normally as possible within everyday life. Everything is going great until Walt (Greg Kinnear) follows his dreams of making it as a Hollywood actor and persuades his hesitant brother Bob (Matt Damon) to go along for the ride. Hollywood may never be the same as Bob and Walt find fame, love and a new outlook on their unusual but inseparable bond.

My Verdict:
If you think that a movie about con-joined twins is in bad taste, think again, as Stuck On You is a comedy that is not disrespectful at all. It uses the theme of brotherly love well and may even teach a lesson or two about the importance of tolerance, something that you would have to have in abundance as a con-joined twin.

Walt and Bob Tenor are the brothers who run the Quickee Burger at Martha's Vineyard on the east coast of America. They have developed a system of working together which has to be seen to be believed and even offer a free meal if the order is not served to their customers in 3 minutes. The locals have always known Bob and Walt and see them as just Bob and Walt. Some of their earlier life is told in flashbackEach year Walt puts on a one-man stage show as he yearns to fulfil his dream of becoming an actor. Very difficult when you have someone stuck on you but the brothers have developed many different ways of coping with their situation. Some of these are very funny and make for the best moments in the movie.

Walt heads to Hollywood to become a serious actor and bumps into Meryl Streep and Cher, with whom he later co-stars in a series titled 'Honey and the Beaze'. The show is a hit, which infuriates Cher, as she only wanted Walt so that she could get out of her contract and thought that by having a con-joined twin star the studio executives would cancel. Cher manages to steal all her scenes not the least for her costumes.Stuck On You is a funny movie and there is clearly some good chemistry between Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear there must be some great out-takes somewhere. The movie pokes fun at the movie industry and at people's attitudes to so-called freaks and along with lengthy soundtrack is enough to bring at least a smile to your face.
Rating : B

- Christina Bruce


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