SRC Health Activate

SRC Health Activate

SRC Health Activate

Flexible, breathable and designed for action, the SRC Activate compression range works to protect muscles, prevent injury and enhance your sporting performance across the board.

Known for the smart research, development and design behind their Pregnancy and Recovery products, SRC Health has continued to develop garments which are functional and comfortable with the delivery of the SRC Activate range.

Compression sportswear that is designed for women, SRC Activate helps to ease muscle soreness, prevent injury and significantly reduce fatigue and recovery time by employing the best design and technology in sporting compression.

Using the specialized fabric technology which SRC Health is known for, SRC Activate garments are made with a durable, lightweight fabric and breathable power mesh lining, which is designed and tested specifically for SRC garments. The fabric allows for maximum air circulation and heat dissipation to assist with the regulation of your body temperature, without compromising the quality or durability of the fabric.

The flatlock seam construction used in the SRC Activate leggings means there are no seams creating friction or irritations against the skin during exercise, optimizing comfort even during the hardest and longest of work outs.

The SRC Activate compression products are designed to offer support via the Anatomical Support Panels (ASP), supporting the perineum, lower back and legs. The compression also works to boost circulation, increases arteriovenous function and assists in muscle recovery by transporting oxygen to the muscles faster and increasing lactic acid removal. This helps to reduce recovery time
and ease the soreness that many can experience after a hard workout.

Beyond the fabrication itself, SRC cuts the material into a unique multidirectional design called True Cross Compression. The True Cross Compression, offers unrivalled stretch performance and helps SRC compression garments to retain their stretch and recovery characteristics over time, meaning a longer shelf life for your fitness wear.

"I have been wearing the SRC Capri leggings during different forms of exercise (weights, running, Pilates) to test how they feel compared to normal "active wear" and I can really feel the difference. As a Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor, I am all about core muscle activation and correct posture and the SRC leggings encourage the right muscles to switch on, which in-turn help technique. I was impressed at how breathable the material was: these are thicker, supportive leggings! And they're not see-through! I have been recommending them to all my clients"

Claire - Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor, Your Health Domain, Sydney Australia SRC Activate products are not limited to athletes alone, instead being a product which can be worn as general support during your busy day. The SRC Activate collection is designed to be worn over normal underwear, and can easily be concealed underneath looser garments or worn in bed at night,
meaning you are able to reap the benefits of the product even while you sleep.

For women the SRC Activate tights are available in both capri and full-length styles. They are designed to offer support to the pelvic floor, lower back and legs, meaning the product can be beneficial when exercising after child birth.

The SRC Activate range is available via select pharmacies and health care professionals or online at

SRC Activate Women's Capri – RRP $148.99 – Available in sizes XS – XL
SRC Activate Women's Leggings – RRP $189.00 – Available in sizes XS – XL
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