Solar Springs Retreat

Solar Springs Retreat

Solar Springs Retreat

For many of us, the next big holiday may seem like a long way off, but what about a short break? The benefits of escaping your daily routine and switching off for even 24 hours are greater than you think! Here are our top three reasons why you should be planning a short break in your near future.

1. Short breaks are far easier to fit into our busy lifestyles, making them more achievable than an extended break of two or more weeks. It can be difficult to negotiate long periods of time off work, find space in a busy schedule and arrange care for the house, children and pets. Since short breaks are more achievable, there can also be more of them during the year!

2. Switching off for 24 hours provides proven benefits in general health and wellbeing, with improvements in sleep and a reduction in stress. Rosemary Eddowes, Solar Springs Naturopath says, 'Taking 24 hours once every three months to focus on rejuvenating your mind and body can keep stress from taking hold. Just 24 hours off enables you to build resilience and function more productively in daily life."

Putting yourself in new surroundings also stimulates the brain and allows you to really listen to your body. 'We encourage guests to mix up daily routines to allow them to switch off – if you work an office job, then spend time outside being active or simply be alone and focus on yourself," says Rosemary. 

3. Short breaks are also often more cost effective than long holidays and travelling to distant locations. They offer a prime opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful regions in Australia, right at our doorstep.

Solar Springs Retreat, located in the picturesque Southern Highlands, offers an escape from reality into a world of indulgence, and is an ideal location for a mid-week or weekend break.

Guests at Solar Springs are invited to choose their own retreat program, from lifestyle to health retreats that nurture the mind, body and soul. Specialty weekends include an Autumn Food and Wine weekend and a Bushwalking Retreat. For more information please visit: