Smart Cycle

Smart Cycle
All children love adventures, Smart Cycle combines learning with fun and active bodies.

Smart Cycle is an educational arcade at home. A combination of a stationary bike, a learning center and an arcade style game system that can plug straight into your TV, that takes children on an adventure that is unlike any other.

Take a journey with your favourite character friends and experience new discoveries, games and exciting hands on races. Visit Math Mountain, Letter Creek and Shape Lake, and because all children love the thrill of a race, they can put the pedal to the metal and race on-screen friends or even another player.

With different levels, the Smart Cycle is appropriate for all skill capabilities and with the option of joystick controllers, the learning won't slow down when they do.

Review: Smart Cycle is a clever combination of physical activity, developmental learning and entertainment, for healthy minds and bodies. An excellent toy choice this Christmas. Featuring a number of games for all skill levels that help develop children's ability learn the alphabet, find the missing letters for words & spell, plus learn numbers and of course race to the finish.

Smart Cycle
Age 3-6
RRP: $199.99