Freckle Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know Before Committing to the New Ink Trend

Freckle Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know Before Committing to the New Ink Trend

Freckle Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know Before Committing to the New Ink Trend

A lot of people have fantasized about the idea of a freckled face - it is beautiful and appealing. Many people with freckles were born with it, and it is primarily caused by the overproduction of melanin in the body. It can also be caused by ultraviolet radiation stimulation, which is why freckles may appear during summer and vanish in the winter.

The cosmetic industry has grown so much in the past decades, which means freckles can now be created artificially. With the integration of body-altering innovations, technologically advanced equipment, and glamorous beauty tips, achieving the desired look has never been easier. Apart from the inventions of freckle tattoos, people can access beauty crafts like microblading, micro shading, and lots more.

Freckle tattoos are the new ink trend for freckle lovers. It creates a perfect morning look; even with messy hair, you can still look your best. They are semi-permanent inking that will last for a time before fading.

This article will explain everything you need to know before booking an appointment with a cosmetic tattoo artist. It will also inform you why you may choose to get freckle tattoos and how to prepare yourself in advance for it.

What are Freckle Tattoos?
Freckle Tattoos is an advanced kind of inking that imitates natural freckles. This is achieved by adding semi-permanent ink, known as pigments, to your skin to create a natural freckles dust look.

This procedure is carried out by a professional cosmetics tattoo artist, using permanent makeup equipment or a tattoo maker. These tattoos are opportunities for anyone who loves freckles but was not born with one to get the desired look.

Why You Should Get a Freckle Tattoo
There are many reasons why people may want a freckle tattoo. However, one of the most common reasons people go for them is that it gives them a fresh new look and makes them look more beautiful.

These semi-permanent tattoos give you a fresh, radiating look that does not need the sun to glow. It is not a permanent look which means that you can get rid of it when you grow tired of it, and you can also allow it to fade away.

Also, your natural freckles might eventually fade away as you grow; you can get a tattoo to keep them for a little while. Since freckle inking comes in every colour, anyone can get them, choosing a colour that suits your skin and face.

What to Do Before Booking a Tattoo Appointment
The first and most important step is to find a professional makeup artist or a trustworthy and legitimate tattoo artist.

While freckle tattoos are also a kind of tattoo, their composition and process are slightly different. It is essential to find a freckle tattoo artist or preferably a beauty technician since it is similar to cosmetic tattoos like microblading and lip blush.

Before your session, a clean face is required since face makeup can contaminate your skin. It is advisable to keep your face void of makeup for a few days after your tattoo session to allow it space to heal. The days required before you start applying makeup will depend on your technician.

Do I Get to Choose a Pattern for My Freckles?

Yes, you can. Choosing designs or patterns is something usually personal and peculiar to every person. However, since the freckle tattoos are usually on the same spot, you can leave it to your technician to outdo themselves.

Some artists would recommend light sprinkles on the nose and upper cheek to accentuate your cheekbones and make your sun-kissed picture brighter. Others might want to extend the freckles almost to your forehead.

The goal of every artificial freckle is to look natural and uneven. Your tattoo artist knows what is best for you, and unless you have an astronomy star line you want to trace out, it's best to trust your technician and go with the flow.

If you cannot trust your technician with your face, you can draw out your pattern on paper or bring a picture for reference. To pick your desired pattern, you will have to map out your preferred area and design you want, pick your colour " ask your technician for guidance, and finally, you can choose what equipment you would prefer.

How Long Before Freckle Tattoos Heal?
While your session might take a few hours, the healing process is quite fast and easy. Freckle tattoos can take anything from 3 days to 2 weeks to heal. When healing, you might feel the side effects of getting a tattoo, such as mild itchiness and a bit of peeling. Do not fret. It's a sign that your freckles are healing well.

After your inking, the colour of the dots might darken at first, but as you heal, it fades to a more neutral and natural colour. Also, it's essential to know that the ink will fade away between one to three years at most, depending on your skin. You can retain your freckles by going in for a touch-up with your technician.

What is the Necessary Aftercare?
The most important thing is to keep your face dry for the next 24 hours to avoid irritating your skin. You should also avoid harsh soap and settle for a mild soap and moisturizer.

Freckle tattoos are easy to handle as long as you follow your technician's instructions and advice.

Some of the advice you might be given is not to scratch them when it itches; itching is a sign of healing. However, scratching your freckles might disrupt the healing process and scratch away some of the pigment. This can cause the early fading of your freckles. You can apply ointments and a cool compress to suppress the itching.

Is it Okay to Wear Make-Up After My Tattoo Session?
No. You must avoid applying makeup on the tattooed area on your face till it completely heals. It has a short healing process, and you would not have to wait for long before you can apply your makeup.

How Long Do I Wait Before a Touch-Up?
Unlike microblading and other cosmetic tattoos, freckles do not need frequent touch-ups as they last longer. Since they last for a while, you can go in for touch-ups every 12 to 18 months which varies because some skins absorb pigments faster than others.
You can also come in for a touch-up when you feel your freckles are fading away or have some corrections for a part of your tattoo, but you can only do this when your skin is completely healed. It is advisable to stay 6 to 8 weeks.

Be gentle when cleansing your face to avoid drying out your skin. If you do not see the need for touch-ups, you can wait out your freckles or have them cleaned by your technician.

The Bottom Line
Freckle Tattoos are designed to bring out the natural beauty in you. While you should be careful with its aftercare, the outcome is usually worth it.

It is important to know some necessary processes, such as picking a professional artist to work on your face. When applying your freckles, a tattoo artist might not be as great as a freckle tattoo artist.

Take the bold step and get a sprinkle of some pixie dust!


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