Giorgio Armani Orient Excess Holiday Collection

Giorgio Armani Orient Excess Holiday Collection

Giorgio Armani Orient Excess Holiday Collection

To celebrate the end of the year, the Orient Excess collection invites you on an exotic journey to the snowy steppes of the Far North.

These immaculate plains, covered in frost and stretching as far as the eye can see, inspired Giorgio Armani Beauty to create a polar atmosphere through pure and intense make-up.

Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist Giorgio Armani, has designed a high-impact make-up collection for an opaline complexion enhanced with subtle, captivating dashes of bright red and crimson.

Exclusive new products have been developed to achieve this bold contrast: MAESTRO WINTER
GLOW – a pure new shade for the iconic MAESTRO FUSION MAKE-UP complexion perfector, an
ORIENT EXCESS face & eyes star palette and new variations of red to fire up the lips and nails.
ORIENT EXCESS is the art of harmonious contradiction.

The Armani glow, that healthy complexion radiant with a unique shine and imperceptible effect,
today offers an entirely new dimension. With the new Orient Excess make-up line, the complexion expertise is fulfilled with the innovative matte glow.

To create this matte and satiny contrast, Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories have developed a new generation of matte pearl particles.

This innovative pearl technology is featured in the ORIENT EXCESS palette and in MAESTRO
WINTER GLOW for a radiant Armani glow that is more subtle than traditional pearl make-up. A
delicate shine to enhance the face with an ultra-light shimmer without streaking.
Airy makeup to reveal emotion.

To bring out this porcelain complexion, MAESTRO WINTER GLOW has come out with a new,
pigment-free 0 shade, amazingly pure and white. The revolutionary complexion perfector drapes a lightweight, satiny and snowy white veil on the skin, enhancing the palest skin tones and acting as a primer on others to create perfect radiance.

Either as a base or as finishing makeup, just a few drops of MAESTRO WINTER GLOW shape the
face for a celestial complexion glowing in a halo of light.

Linda Cantello has designed the ORIENT EXCESS face & eyes palette to create this luscious winter look. An exclusive edition highlighted with elegant midnight blue shine.

The top pan in this precious case features an evanescent face powder essential for that winter glow. A porcelain shade for universal translucency, soft to the touch, to create an even, matte complexion and enhanced facial contours.

Must-have detailing: the face powder is pressed with a constellation of stars. The new absolute of midnight glow make-up.

The bottom pans feature a trio of eye shadows. Three dark and wild shades, inspired by the softest furs, to bring a touch of animal warmth to translucent skin. Developed with the "Fur Colour Pearls" technology – pearl particles of varying shapes and sizes – the eye shadows reproduce the versatility, softness and shiny/matte gleam of luxurious mink, chinchilla and sable furs.

The ORIENT EXCESS palette is sold exclusively for the holidays with a midnight blue velvet pouch, soft to the touch like the fur feel of the eye shadows.

With two new variations of red (pure red and burgundy) for LIP MAESTRO, ROUGE ECSTASY
and NAIL LACQUER, the lips and nails can be mixed and matched to create any look.
For the lips: a contrast in finish. The shine of ROUGE ECSTASY, the "CC" lipstick that combines lip care, comfort and the vibrant colour, plays off the velvety look of LIP MAESTRO, an incredibly soft red in a dense, matte and luminous shade.

The nails in bright red and crimson NAIL LACQUER burst with shine. These intense lacquers
featuring the unique Giorgio Armani Beauty gel-fluid texture enhance the expression of the hands for ultimate femininity.

Giorgio Armani Beauty's very first ultra-shiny TOP COAT shade 0, protects the nails and boosts the hold of the polish.

Orient Excess highlights a new vision of femininity inspired by a Trans-Siberian journey deep into the winter cold of the far north. A bold look of luminous contrasts:

ORIENT EXCESS palette, to create the base of the look with a face powder for a porcelain
complexion and a trio of animal eye shadows for opulent eyes.
RRP $145

MAESTRO WINTER GLOW redefines skin purity for a unique matte and airy healthy
RRP $99

LIP MAESTRO shade 634 for intensely matte "couture" lips.
RRP $52

ROUGE ECSTASY shade 634 featuring "CC", exclusive care and colour technology.
RRP $52

NAIL LACQUER shades 634 and a TOP COAT, shade 0, for crystal shine on the nails.
RRP $40

Tips to enhance any skin type with Maestro Winter Glow:

"Maestro Winter Glow shade "0" can be used as is for naturally pale complexions, or mixed into all existing Giorgio Armani Beauty foundation shades to lighten. Its pillowy texture melts into the skin very easily, like the skin perfector Maestro Fusion Make-Up, with an enhanced transparency. It is an allover primer for pale skin, and for darker skin tones, it can be applied as a matte highlighter on cheekbones, chin or eyelids... The matte-pearl in its formula brings a very subtle and soft light to the skin. The rich reds of lips and nails contrast with this luminous pale skin to achieve a dramatic and chic look, perfect for winter nights ". Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist Giorgio Armani