Scunci Look of the Week: Love Is In The Air

Scunci Look of the Week: Love Is In The Air

Scunci Look of the Week: Love Is In The Air

This delicate hairstyle is the perfect look to brighten anyone's mood. It's super easy to create at home too; follow these simple instructions from the Scunci styling team in order to get Jennifer's beautiful inspired up-do.

By curling and pinning the hair, you too can create a look like this shown on Jennifer Lawrence and by using the Scunci Medium Rollers ($12.95) you can create small curls throughout the hair.

Simply brush through after washing the hair and part-dry with a hairdryer. Then begin the curling process taking parts of the hair in the rollers and securing with several Scunci Bobby Pins ($6.95). Add rollers all over the hair including at the roots for added curl and volume. Dry the hair fully when being curled and leave for 30 minutes.

Remove the rollers and separate with your fingers.  Divide the hair into two at the bottom of the head and twist each section loosely, then twist these sections around each other curling up into a messy low bun. Secure by using the easy to use Pin Twirls ($9.95), and use your fingers to slightly mess up the curls, pulling at strands to create more of a tousled look. Just make sure the pin twirls don't overlap and your look will stay in place all evening.

Voila, picture perfect!

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