Activewear Visor

Activewear Visor

New Activewear Visor

Summer is just around the corner, and whether you're training every week in preparation for your bikini bod, or not doing much at all, the New Activewear Visor from Scunci has got you covered.

From early morning jogs and fitness boot camps to lying on the beach sunbathing, the Activewear Visor will prevent your face from getting sunburnt, as well as keep you looking stylish and trendy, even in your sweatiest of moments! Sunburn can be painful and take days to fade. But with the Activewear Visor, there is no need to break out the Aloe Vera. The brim shades your face from harsh, ultraviolet rays and keeps the sun from spoiling your time outside.

Scunci have designed Visors to suit everyone's taste, including black and white Aztec and floral prints.

I know you're probably thinking; but what about hat hair? Well the beauty of this ingenious product is because it's a visor, and it is made of breathable material, your hair does not have to fret.

The soft, elastic wrap is perfect for this summer, as you don't have to worry about it flying off in the wind, and it comforts your head so snug you don't even realise you're wearing a hat.

Your skin will thank you on your days outside this summer with an Activewear Visor from Scunci ( This must-have hair accessory, which retails for only $14.95, will change the way you experience summer.