Rubik's Revolution Titanium Edition Cubes

Rubik's Revolution Titanium Edition Cubes

The Rubik's Cube is an icon recognized around the world, selling over 350 million units. Now the new spin on the world's #1 Cube-the electronic Rubik'sRevolution™, winner of 10 major toy awards in 2008, launches for 2009 a new improved "Titanium Edition".

Fun for all ages, this special Titanium edition updates the best-selling Toy Industry Association 2008 Toy of The Year Awards "Game of the Year" with new featuresto improve game play, with more challenges to master, and a cool metal look and texture for a better grip!

Packed with addictive speed games and brainteasers everyone can play, the Titanium Edition features six electronic games that test your speed & your smarts,saves your high scores, and tracks your progress!

The six addictive, fast paced electronic games (pictured left) are easy to learn, but will push your skills to the limit with multiple challenging levels to unlock!Fun for ages five or 105, play by yourself or compete against your friends in both single and multiplayer games to become master of the Cube!

Rubik's Revolution Titanium Edition is an addictive new electronic game spin on the world's number 1 Cube!

Review: Most of you would have grown up with a Rubik's Cube at some point in your childhood, creating patterns, solving problems and generally exercising your brain in a fun way. Now Rubik's cube give you the Rubik's Revolution Titanium Edition, catering to a modern era with bling style.

Rubik's Revolution Titanium Edition
RRP: $34.95
Available from Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W, Toys 'R' Us, Toyworld & Game Shops.