Rocket your child into Reading

Rocket your child into Reading

A unique approach to reading - filled with a wealth of advice, anecdotes and activites - it's a book that every parent should own.

What will you get out of 'Rocket your child to reading:'

  • Twelve steps to getting your child to read.
  • How to work out why children have reading problems, and how to help them.
  • Games you can play with your child to give them the skills they need to become accomplished readers.
  • Find out how your child learns best. Are they an 'active' learner? A 'social' or 'visual' learner? Fast processor? Verbal? Every child is different.
  • Who to turn to for specialist help.
  • How to find that 'right book' to kickstart your child to a lifetime of reading and loving books.

    Award-winning author Jackie French knows what it is to struggle with reading and literacy. Drawing on her own experience with dyslexia, Jackie has written this book to help parents identify the possible reading difficulties their children may have. This isn't just another reading book, and Jackie does challenge some of the traditional theories about teaching reading.

    All children learn differently, and Jackie offers many fun and rewarding ways to help launch your child into literacy. These include games for coordination, concentration and focus, as well as helpful steps to kickstart your child into reading and to foster a life-long love of books.

    Rocket Your Child Into Reading' begins with chapters on very early development and goes right through to reading for teenagers. Parents will discover new ways of teaching the alphabet, spelling, writing and more, as well as receiving guidance on how to ensure that you don't turn your kids off reading. Jackie provides an excellent chapter on specific learning problems, how to recognise them and who to go to for help.

    A refresher and helpful guide to getting your child on track for reading techniques and solving any reading problems that may occur.

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