Robocar Poli

Robocar Poli

Robocar Poli

Children encounter traffic in daily life and it's up to Poli and his friends to save the day.

Designed to teach preschoolers about traffic safety, rules and tips, Robocar Poli is a high quality 3D animated TV series airing on Channel GO!, Monday to Friday at 6.30am.

Episodes cover crossing the road safely, seat belt and school bus safety, safe bicycle riding and what to do when an accident happens.

Now little people can play with their favourite Robocar Poli characters with the new collection of toys and vehicles:

Die Cast Vehicles
RRP $8.00


Transforming Vehicles
It's great fun to transform your favourite Robocar Poli character from a vehicle to a robot.
RRP $20.00


Speedy Racer

Play with these cool and speedy friction powered vehicles; choose between Poli, Amber and Roy.
RRP $12.00


5" Transforming Poli Robot with LED
Transform Poli from a friction vehicle into a robot; equipped with flashing LED light effects plus additional accessories for extra fun.
RRP $30.00


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