Resume Writing - The Basics

Resume Writing - The Basics

Ensure your resume stands out from the crowd by following this step by step guide to creating a successful CV.

First up, your resume has to be positive in every respect.

Negatives are yours to know and an employers to find out. As the résumé is the key to the job race, it has to be crafted so that it's way out in front of the competition.

So let's talk structure. Would you want to buy a product if the first thing you read in the brochure was the technical data and its age?

Since you are the product for sale, don't lead with your age and qualifications. Employers want to know what you can do for them, not how many kids you have and your HSC results.

The following recommendations come from career coaching firm, Interim.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Career Achievements to date in reverse chronological order
  • Professional Training
  • Professional Memberships
  • Education - highest qualification first
  • Interests
  • Personal details
  • References/Referees

This structure provides the potential employer with the information that he or she wants - in the correct order - to help them make the decision to interview or not.

No one gets a job based on the resume alone. Consequently the sole purpose of the resume is just to get the interview, no more, no less.

The most important part of the resume is going to be the career section. Here is the structure to follow:

  • Job title, employer, dates;
  • Description of employer;
  • Description of job; and
  • Achievements quantified and in rank order.

This layout reflects what the employer wants to know, namely what you did, for whom and when.

Then he or she needs to know a little about the company and what you were responsible for. Next, you can then list your achievements in the job to explain the value you added to the organisation, how you did your job and the successes you had.

If you indent your achievements by one tab on your resume then visually they will stand out.

So when writing your résumé, think of the poor person who has to plough through a big pile of them.

Make a recruiterment consultant or HR manager's job easy and your reward will be a job interview.

*Interim is a career coaching firm based in Sydney that helps indivduals, as well as companies, to maximise career performance.

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