Red Hill Review

Red Hill Review

Red Hill Review

Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Tom E. Lewis, Kevin Harrington, Claire van der Boom
Director: Patrick Hughes
Genre: Thriller

Rated: MA
Running Time: 97 minutes

Synopsis: Red Hill follows young police officer Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten) as he relocates to the small country town of Red Hill with his pregnant wife Alice (Claire van der Boom) to start a family. But when news of a prison break sends the local law enforcement officers - led by the town's ruling presence, Old Bill (Steve Bisley) - into a panic, Shane's first day on duty rapidly turns into a nightmare. Enter Jimmy Conway (Tom E. Lewis), a convicted murderer serving life behind bars, who has returned to the isolated outpost seeking revenge. Now caught in the middle of what will become a terrifying and bloody confrontation, Shane will be forced to take the law into his own hands if he is to survive.

Rating: Red Hill is your typical Western film that portrays a very interesting story, one that is only revealed at the end. Although you may be asking yourself 'where is this going?' hold on tight, this film is worth the entire 97 minutes.

Verdict: ***1/2
-Matt Hodgson

Release Date: 25th of November, 2010


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