Rebecca Klodinsky IIXIIST SWIM Interview

Rebecca Klodinsky IIXIIST SWIM Interview

Meet The Aussie Swim Connoisseur That Earns Over $7 Million Annually

IIXIIST SWIM burst into our world a short five years ago and quickly became a brand synonymous with smooth, sleek swimwear cut to absolute precision. The label quickly transformed into an international household name thanks to its celebrity clientele (Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Rhianna are just a few of the superstar fans) and first-to-market social media strategies.

Founded by bikini connoisseur and fashion fanatic Rebecca Klodinsky, IIXIIST SWIM'S luxurious textiles and classic cuts have attracted a cult following. By meticulously re-engineering the basic bikini, the label has single-handedly created a legion of loyal followers, with an undeniable need for high quality, well-structured swimwear.

Interview with Rebecca Klodinsky

Question: What originally inspired you to create IIXIIST SWIM?

Rebecca Klodinsky: The light bulb moment for Frankii happened in late 2012 when my younger sister arrived home from a day of shopping. This was before Instagram was a thing, before fast-fashion online stores were saturating the market and well before Afterpay or Zip Pay existed. It was while she was proudly showing me her new bikini, which she had picked up off lay-by that I felt something had to change. If my sister was lay-buying a bikini, surely, she wasn't alone. There had to be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of other girls out there doing it too?! And I was right; there was a hole in the market for great swim at happy prices.

Question: Where do you find motivation when creating and designing ranges for FRANKII SWIM?

Rebecca Klodinsky: I find motivation and inspiration from myself and from those very close to me. Feedback is imperative, so I listen to what my friends want and what they don't like, then ultimately base every new range on what I want to see in the market. The brand was born out of my want for a Bralette Bikini, which is a Frankii icon and best seller, so I always go with my gut when it comes to design.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you at IIXIIST SWIM?

Rebecca Klodinsky: My day starts at around 8am; I jump on Instagram and see what's going on across the IIXIIST account and content. Then I skim my emails and make a list of tasks for the day so I have an action plan and clear direction. Once my staff arrive, I like to chat with them for 5-10 minutes and stay in the loop with them on a personal level. We are a close knit team so the culture we incorporate in the HQ is imperative. The day is in full swing by 10:30am, and I will sometimes work right through to 8pm. What keeps me sane is I am not a slave to my computer or phone. I try to break up my day by being outdoors every 2-3 hours.

Question: How does it feel when you see a celebrity wearing IIXIIST SWIM?

Rebecca Klodinsky: To put it simply, it is really validating. It just reaffirms to me that I'm doing something right.

Question: How can we find confidence when wearing a piece from IIXIIST SWIM at the beach?

Rebecca Klodinsky: Own the SKIN and SWIM you are in! Your confidence makes you beautiful; the bikini is just the icing! Know that Frankii was designed with YOU in mind, we want you to feel comfortable and confident each time you step out in your swimsuit!

Question: What advice do you have for young female entrepreneurs?

Rebecca Klodinsky: Stay in your lane and stay focused on your passion! Don't worry about what others are doing, what they're achieving or who they know – work on your craft and the rewards will come!

Question: What has been the biggest business challenge you've had to overcome?

Rebecca Klodinsky: To date, the greatest challenge I have encountered is managing staff and being entirely responsible for a big team. I am very particular about my vision for Frankii and I am extremely methodical in the way I do things. Relaying this and slowly filtering down my 'systems' to my staff has been the biggest challenge thus far.

Question: How do you choose the models for FRANKII SWIM ranges?

Rebecca Klodinsky: Our main face has been our girl since day one. Her body encompasses every woman's body; curves, stretch marks, a natural bust - she is the ultimate Frankii girl. When we look for new faces, I want all of the above! Frankii Swim is real, and our models are relatable, personable and authentically real too.

Question: What does work/life balance mean, to you?

Rebecca Klodinsky: To be honest, at this point, work/life balance is something I am aspiring to achieve! I don't switch off… ever. So, if you know the secret to this, do let me know!

Question: What's next for IIXIIST SWIM?

Rebecca Klodinsky: BIG changes are coming! My next season is going to be unlike anything we've ever done before! So watch this space…

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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