Rant & Rave 1

Rant & Rave 1

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That's it! I have had enough of being spoken down to every time I enter a hardware store or other so-called "man's shop". Yesterday I went to the hardware shop to buy three items; a side tile nipper, a tin of paint stripper and a phillips head screwdriver. I couldn't believe the attitudes I encountered from the predominantly male sales staff.

No, I wasn't shopping for my husband. Yes, I know what all of these things are. Yes, I realise that paint stripper is highly caustic and I should probably wear gloves when using it. Yes, I do know the difference between a flat-head and a phillips-head screwdriver. Yes, I was planning to use these items myself!

In this day and age it's hard to believe that such chauvinistic attitudes still exist. I'm not a rampant feminist and I do appreciate small gestures of chivalry, but this was ridiculous. I have my own house, I live by myself and I am quite good at tiling and painting, if I do say so myself. I have competently used paint stripper on several occasions now and I most certainly recognise the different types of screwdrivers - I even knew which size head I wanted. So why did these men insist on treating me like a helpless woman who was just shopping for her husband and knew nothing about the items I was purchasing? I'm sick of it!

- Kelly N.

Reply to Shellie W's rant:

Seeing little boob tubes and Hawaiian skirts walking around? I don't see anything wrong with this. Just because they look good in it, doesn't mean that you have the right to criticize them. Weren't all you gals into fashion when you were in your teens?

I find it offensive that you refer to those teenagers as 'princess queens who think they have the right to wear a skirt unsuitable for a 20-year-old to wear to a nightclub yet alone a breastless, pimple aged girl'.

As a matter of fact, teenagers HAPPEN to have pimples! I'm sure that you had them when you were that age!

You sound extremely jealous, just because you don't look good in certain clothing. How dare you refer to teens in such a way? Everyone goes through those 'teen' years, and that is the time you are meant to make the most of yourself. Social life is high, and self-confidence is boosting. It is people like you who seem to enjoy putting teens down, and giving them a bad reputation.

Also, teens have to conform to their age group. What do you expect them to wear? Hawaiian skirts and boob tubes are a 'surfy' thing. So respect the surfy culture.

You mention you were holding a little piece of material, why were you? It was tiny wasn't it?

You may want to keep in mind that if you have a daughter, she might WANT to follow the crowd, and wear certain clothes, AND definitely get pimples. What are you going to say about her then? That she is a sweet girl, or a breastless, pimple aged girl?

- Heidi

Reply to Tiffany's rant:

I know how you feel Tiffany. I like you, am very honest, I was also brought up that way. I'm not a youngster anymore (45) but I still return things or if I get too much change back I always return it. Many times I am thanked and many times they just expect it. I have found that the population seems to be getting ruder to their fellow man. But If I start acting like them, I'd be no better than them. Keep setting a good example for your children, it takes us to guide them in their growing up process. Keep up your honesty as one day it might be my goods you hand back in and I'd be ever grateful.

- Diane

Is it possible to lose ones personality along with their weight?

A fellow female co-worker has been on a diet for some time now. Over the last 4 or 5 months it's become quite noticeable to all of us in the office that she has been losing weight, and people have made appropriate comments to compliment her.

However lately, she's been coming in and telling us how 'this person' or 'that person' she'd bumped into over the weekend or on a business trip to one of our interstate offices, hadn't made mention of her less-weighty appearance. She was being quite bitchy saying that because they hadn't made comment about her loss of weight, she made a point of not saying anything nice about their appearance! We all found this funny because compliments are meant to be given not expected or asked for!!!!

She's also made it her business to volunteer information to everyone and anyone who'll listen (or have no escape) about her diet and how much weight she's lost so far....."I've lost 9 kilo's now", "Look how big the waist on these pants are on me now - I have to hold it together with a safety pin!" All good and well if you're proud of yourself, but this woman has been crapping on about herself and nothing else for months and months now.

Most of us agree that not only has she lost weight but also her once pleasant personality! She's become very self-centered, loud, and rude in some instances. She just luuurves talking about herself!!!! Neither would I excuse it as a renewed confidence from having lost weight and having gained self-esteem! She's made a lot of people uncomfortable - including others in the office who have weight problems and are self-conscious about it without someone broadcasting their own success all over the place! I mean, it was OK to start with, but just lately she's become unbearable!!!! I don't think I'm being overly critical or jealous. Firstly, I'm very happy with my own size. I think I'm just aware that this particular female co-worker has allowed her quest to lose weight alter her outlook also!

- Anon.

I am tired of walking into shopping centres and seeing little boob tubes and Hawaiian skirts walking around. I am of course referring to those teenage princess queens who think they have the right to wear a skirt unsuitable for a 20-year-old to wear to a nightclub yet alone a breastless, pimple aged girl.

I walked into a store the other day that was having a sale - I had to ask the sales girl if the piece of fabric I was holding was a skirt, or a top and in either case did it come in an XXXXXXL?! Arghhhhhhh... I am only 23 and I am fighting off 10 year olds for Lycra sequined boob tubes in the bargain trolley!

- Shellie W.

I am annoyed at fathers who think that looking after their child for 1 hour each day deserves a medal. They think it is their right to sleep in as they are sleep deprived!!! What about the poor mothers who feed, clean, dress, rock to sleep, play with and generally do everything else (including having very little sleep!) for their children. I am well aware that working fathers need some relaxation time. However they must realise that mothers (either stay at home or working) need time out as well and should be given it without having to ask, beg or promise something for. Raising a child need not always be a 50-50 job but give some of us poor burnt out mum's a break. For those of you Dad's that don't fall into the group I have mentioned above, well done! To the rest - get with the program because your child and wives/girlfriends need you.

- Sharon

I was waiting in the car park outside my office the other day, when the deadly gleam of a black Jag caught my eye. Although the weather was overcast and the day generally miserable, it reflected everything around it with photographic precision.

This led me to look at the other cars, vaguely comparing it, when I was visited by one of those flashes that make more conscious folk look at me and say, "It took you HOW long to think of that?"

I saw The Car not as the functional item I had always conceived it to be, but as a consumer toy - the stuff of dreams and fantasies, and personal statements about who you are and why you are driving this thing in the first place.

From personalised number plates - although the only one that should be permitted, in my opinion, is WANKA 1 - to paint jobs that rival the Sistine Chapel, the car as a statement of personal best is unrivalled.

On one hand, it says volumes about the state of your bank account, the status of your job and more importantly, your own opinion of yourself. Which leads me to my car.

Let's compare it to the Jag. They are the same colour, but any resemblance stops there. My car's coat stares like a hungry horse. At times, you might even question that it's black at all. It takes on a distinctly grey-green tinge of muddy days. My car marks me as a loser. It's an old beaten up station wagon, full of kids' stuff in the back, and empty McDonald's takeaway boxes in the front. If you open the driver's door too sharply, one of the speakers falls out. I like to park it next to more glamorous cars, knowing that your average car thief wouldn't even give it a second glance when there's a brand new Beamer on offer.

It doesn't have a personalised number plate. There's no point. What would it say? MTPOKETS?

Yet I bridle at the image that this car gives me. I may not be in the gleaming Jag class, but I get by. I drive this car because it goes, because everyone who wants a lift (and they are legions among my non-car owning friends) can fit into it, and because I could pay cash for it.

If only I could care enough to at least give it a new paint job. But, sorry, I can't. While my car says things about me that I feel are less than the whole truth of it, I can't muster up enough outrage about that to get myself into debt for a better one, or even clear out the front passenger seat.

What I'd like my car to say about me is that I regard it purely as a piece of machinery that can convey me to places too far to walk. That I regard it as a useful piece of muscle to convey items too heavy for me to carry. And that, as long as it behaves itself and doesn't chew up gas like it's going out of style, I will let it live in my driveway.

I want my car to say I have more important things on my mind than worrying about what people think of my car. Of course, if the God of Lotto smiles on me, I'll trade it in for a gleaming black Jag - or maybe a Jeep Cherokee - or a brand new Saab...

In the meantime, I'd settle for a car that says nothing at all.

Say, a generic car - a simple basic vehicle that offers nothing more than the ability to get you from A to Z with low gas consumption and low maintenance.

The manufacturer could even consider recycling Henry Ford's famous advertising slogan for his Model T - "Any colour, as long as it's black."

- Gail K.

With the age of industrialization, it became common place for women to work. However we are still expected to make a home for our family, cook meals and take care of the children. Even though large corporations these days accept working mothers who are efficient and get work done between 9-5 so that they can go home to their families, some still have the view that you have to "put in" past 5pm to be viewed as a good and diligent worker. Being more efficient and being able to complete your work within 9-5 isn't always acknowledged as an achievement because everyone else works past 5pm!

- Kaz

I am totally sick of magazines and other media types that use models that look like toothpicks. They don't seem to realise that about 1% of the population look like this and it sets a bad example for women who are struggling to maintain a positive body image. Due to these perceptions, many fashionable clothes are designed to look good on waif-like bodies, and they look terrible on anyone over a size 10. Unless the media take the initiative and change the way people think, then this will always be the case. Congratulations to magazines who have started to use models of different shapes and sizes, (although the majority still won't show anyone above a size 12) This is a great beginning.

- Christie

After all these years of burning our bra's and climbing those corporate ladders, I still hear the patter of both mother and baby's feet in homes everywhere! The other day I was sitting at work while 5 men talked about how they could get their wives out of the home during the day because they are in a bad mood by the time they get home (maybe it's actually the washing, the cooking and the cleaning). So they all suggested that they should send them off to a mother's club (where they can drink tea, talk about babies & BITCH ABOUT MEN!) Oh please, the days of women being shoved in a room to talk about crap with a screaming child in their arms are gone........aren't they? Apparently not - as I overheard the same guys talking about a week later how their wives thought it would be a great idea - oh please someone help me......what about getting back to work?!

I am a 'have a child and still have a life' type person and as bad as this may seem to be, it really is very satisfying (and keeps me sane), and guess what - I'm not crabby when I get home! I don't bitch about my husband and my baby and I appreciate every single minute together. How silly of me!

- Lisa N.

I am a woman. I drive a car. I am a good driver.

Why is it that men have such trouble with the concept of women drivers? My Dad tried to teach me to drive when I was 16. My very first lesson, he grabbed the steering wheel from the passenger seat and we drove into a fence. My first boyfriend used to close his eyes and pray aloud when I was driving with him in the car. My current boyfriend yells at me to "take the apex" every time I turn the corner.

I constantly hear jokes about women trying to put oil in the car via the dipstick hole.

I am an excellent driver.

In over ten years of driving, I have had one accident, which was not my fault. My partner has had numerous accidents, many of them his fault. He treats the road as though it's a racetrack and usually suffers the consequences. Meanwhile, I enjoy driving.

I am a good driver.

Insurance company statistics agree with me - women drivers are safer than men. But still men persist in treating me as a bimbo who cannot and never will master the art of driving.

- Kelly N.

I am sick to death of magazines that have articles on eating disorders and we should accept what we are and then this is followed by advertisements of weight loss diets which is also followed by pictures of famous stars who themselves look like they need a feed themselves. Get with it, I wonder why women are confused with hypocritical magazines!

- J.B.

I thought it was just me, but it seems that board shorts are not designed to fit females over the age of 16. When will they realise that women actually have hips and a waist and that the waist is, in most cases, noticeably smaller than the hips. Maybe then they will be able to design board shorts that aren't tight round your bum whilst at the same time gaping a good 2 inches round the waist. They even have the nerve to charge up to $90 for these unflattering creatures! The only conclusion I can draw from this is that womens board shorts universally are being designed my males.

- Sarah-Jane

Is anyone else sick of all the bum-cracks on display? Not to mention the prevelance of g-strings and other forms of underwear? Apart from the fact that only a small proportion of the population have the figure to wear them... Love handles are the hipsters worst enemy! When will we get some variety back in the stores? Not only are hipsters everywhere, but bumsters are everywhere else. I CANNOT find a pair of jeans that are high enough. I definetely don't want them to sit at my waist, but I don't want that cheeky labourer look!

- Melanie

In today's 'Mail on Sunday' on the subject of the Al Aqeda terrorists held in Guantanemo Bay - you say that 'we are not cruel if we can help it, we seek to avoid brutality and treat our beaten enemies with chivalry' - well, I don't think you can apply the same words to the events surrounding Bloody Sunday - your paper seems hell-bent on sending out the same old message; that the Paratroopers didn't fire on the innocent people marching or Civil Rights on that day in 1972. Well, why did 13 innocent people die then? Did they kill themselves?. Start reporting the truth for a change - it's quite obvious whose side you're on.

- Fiona

It really annoys me how people under 18 cannot drink, smoke, vote or get into clubs (this is fair enough), yet they still have to pay adult fares when they catch a plane, enter a themepark, or sometimes even watch a movie at the local cinema. Under 18s are classified as children in the eyes of the law (hence the ban on drinking, voting etc) yet they are expected to add to other peoples profits by being classified as an adult. This really peeves me off!

- Kate

When you try numerous times to get into one of your favourite sites that you enjoyed viewing daily and you keep getting error messages saying login failed. Then you try at another time, and the information goes right through!!! UGH!!! Thanks Femail for letting me get that off my chest!

- Joanne

On New Years Eve I went sales shopping with my Mum and my two daughters, aged 2 and 3. We were quite enjoying ourselves, window shopping, buying the odd thing here and there when a trolley full of stuff stuck out at us like a sore thumb. Just sitting there all on it's own. I had a look into the contents, Scotts lawn fertilizer, hibiscus food, other gardening bits and pieces, Roses chocolates, $60 all in all, paid for by cheque - the Big W receipt was still in the trolley.

We stayed with this trolley for at least 15 minutes, no owner showed up for it. I decided the best thing to do, and to set a good example for my girls, was to take the trolley load of goods back to Big W, where I left my contact details. I went home thinking I hope the owner calls, just so I know they got their things back. I also thought if I was the owner I would be so pleased that people would be honest enough to hand the property in. I could have taken the goods back to Big W for a refund and pocketed the $60 in my pocket thank you very much; or improved my garden and figure (not!) over the long weekend.

I didn't receive a phone call, so next time I was down at Big W, I popped in and asked whether the owner had collected their trolley of stuff. Yes they had, I was informed, they came in later that week and picked it up. So for some unknown reason these folks just forgot a trolley of stuff in a busy shopping centre and left it there!

Now I think that's just plain rude to expect to go back later in the week, pick your stuff up and not even bother with a thank you.

Guaranteed these folks were older than me, and people always complain it's the younger generation that is rude and discourteous! Hah! Next time, it might just be finders keepers...except that my Mum bought me up to be honest and I would like to think if it was my trolley I'd get it back.

People should always follow the rules of c