Rant & Rave 4

Rant & Rave 4

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It starts like this.

I'm sick of it, the way men stereotype women to be these bitchy good for one things race of alien like things, which they have no respect for.

I'm so sick of it, the way that adult men talk about girls and women like they are on this earth for their entertainment. I have heard one too many of these conversations and I can't stand it anymore.

The family barbeque is a classic example, when family or work friends come over. It's somewhat of a tradition for the men/guys to go outside and stand around the barbeque burning the food.

That is where it happens, they start on women and talk about them like the only part of them that is alive is their body. That is about the point where I get annoyed at the blindness of the pinheads and walk away.

Then I hear my 2nd worst fear in the entire world. "You'll learn some day." No! No I never want to be like that and do I have a choice. I must have. I will not turn out like them, I can't, I won't. I will never be like them, ever.
Or will I?
It must be a disease or something that comes and gets you after you hit 30, or is it something that happens to you after you get married and you realise this is your last and only woman for the rest of your life?

Or am I different, that I'd rather be a man in a woman's eyes than a man in a man's eyes?

Everybody is special in their own way, maybe this is just mine. Maybe my special little thing is to have to get to know someone before I pass my judgement, not just by looking at their body.

Or maybe they are right. I'll learn some day.

- Josh

Well Josh we hope you won't learn!
Gals' with guys like these on the up and up there is hope for us yet!
Josh is only in his teens yet has already experienced how he DOES not want to end up. Let's hope he stays this way!

- Ed.

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