Rant & Rave 3

Rant & Rave 3

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What is with customer service today?! Every time I walk up to a counter at a store I either get ignored or grunted at...half the time I have to say hello to them and ask how they are....doesn't this seem a bit backwards? Granted, there are some great employees out there who always have a smile on their face, but why do some of the other grumps have to spoil everyone else's day?!

- Kate S.

I am suffering severe bra rage. I am a 14C-D bra size. There are no pretty bras in my size in a hard cup. Every time I see a new bra, I think "that's nice" and try to find one in my size. Either they don't exist because companies think women don't have boobs above a B cup, or the attractive 'rounding up' hard cups stop at a B-C. Why? Do you think D cup women like the 'headlight effect'? Do you think D cup women don't like nice lingerie? Do you think D cup women want to minimise what they have? Most D cup bras are UGLY. They look like they've been made by the German army. I want to look pretty and feel pretty. I am reduced to beige tshirt bras, which I call the beige horrors. I don't want beige. I want orange, pink, black, and yellow. I am not ashamed of my body. Come, please make nice bras for D cup women. I went into Kmart, Target, Big W, La Figure, Bras N'Things, and David Jones. In all stores, I found fellow women who were C cup and above, whinging that there was nothing nice for them. We are suffering bra rage. Are you going to do something about it, and stop catering for anorexics and stick figures. Get out in the streets, designers! Check out real women. Grrh!

- Helen Patrice.

Everyday I travel on a very busy road to take my kids to school. There is a 40km/h section on this road as it passes the school. And everyday I slow down to 40 and continually get overtaken or beeped at for doing this. Whether you like it or not these slow zones outside schools are there for the protection of our kids. So I just wish that people would be more interested in protecting our kids than being a few minutes early to their destinations. I just wonder how someone would feel if they hit a child outside a school zone when they were doing the normal speed limit? Instead of the slow zone speed limit. And should they be charged with extra offences if they did? Food for thought.

- Anon

I'm sick and tired of all the really skinny girls always saying they're fat. It is ridiculous they say they're fat in front of other people that aren't skinny. They don't realise that these girls that they are talking to are getting offended. It is like if you're fat then what are you trying to tell me? What am I? I hate it.

- Richelle

My rant is about men who give you their number...then don't call you back! Why do they bother telling us to give them a call when they don't intend to follow through? Why not just take our number and trash it the moment we leave? By insisting that we call them, us girls think wow, he must be interested, then go through the stress of working out what to say and summoning the nerve to make the call...only to have our message ignored. So guys, in future get OUR numbers if you're not interested!

- Lisa

It really bugs me when I hear people complaining that they don't have enough money for this or that or they can't clothe or feed their children properly. But they are smoking at least one packet of cigarettes a day and they have a carton of beer a week! I wish they would stop whinging about it and get their priorities straight. I have no sympathy for them.

- Glenyss

Picking up and dropping off kids to and from school I drive a lot. In over 10 years driving I have never had a car accident but have had several near misses. But what amazes me today with all the commercials on TV and on radio, is that people are still not getting the point. Why do people tailgate, do they magically think that they have special tyres or brakes that they won't end up in someone's front seat? Don't people realize that unless you go double the speed limit then you are going to catch every red light just like the person you were tailgating for the last km? As a nurse I've had to look after people in hospital as a result of careless driving, some whom will never walk again. It makes me very angry especially when my kid's are in the car and it is very worrying when I see young people, especially young women who tailgate. I wish we could adopt "DOB in a tailgater" because I'd be the first in line.

- D. Collins

It annoys me that everytime I go into a supermarket or a fast food store, the 15 year old that is serving me is rude and acts like serving me is an inconvenience to him/her, and then either overcharges me or gets my order wrong.

- Kerri

I've just spent the morning listening to David Suzuki (what an absolute wonder of a human being he is) and there are many more passionate, articulate and intelligent people out there, so why is it that the worlds biggest decisions are being made by fools?

I could be sexist, ageist and/or racist and point out how much economic and political power is held by white Anglo Saxon males over the age of 50 but that would be overlooking the fact that it is this very economic justification that is causing the planet so much damage.

How can we bring about some political change so that the people elected to govern us reflect the very best in our nature rather than the worst? How wonderful for us to welcome refugees with open arms and offer them the freedom and peace they deserve and are so desperately searching for.

How wonderful to have balanced, multi-cultural, diverse representation in all three tiers of government. How brilliant to become leaders in educational, environmental and political reform through commitment to the long term benefits of inclusive, non competition based education; direct funding of renewable resources (solar and wind power) and valuing of natures services (brilliant and almost infinite unless we continue to be destructive and dismissive of them) and through a commitment to real, honest and objective based debate (most politicians could take a leaf out of Natasha Stott Despojas note book).

The moment to act is now - if you hear a politician speaking garbage LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK and send them an email. Better still - if they get it right for once BLOW THEIR TRUMPET LOUD AND CLEAR by sending them an email and CCing it to every other politician you can think of. Most of all live a little, love a little and LAUGH A HELL OF A LOT!

- Birdie

I understand that children need to play and that what they do in their own backyard is their own business, but not when it's playing golf and the balls are hitting into my backyard! I wait with anxiety to hear one of our lounge room windows breaking or the cry of my one-year-old when a ball hits her head. So please neighbours, some consideration when playing this dangerous sport in such a confined space.

- Lisa H.

I've had enough of the banks (among others), who change the rules - i.e. their contracts, when it suits them. I got a visa rewards card last year. The only reason I got it was for the reward program. I have recently been notified that "a decision has been made to close the reward program".

I hate how they suck people in and then change just because it says in the terms and conditions that they can change at any time.
The same happened recently with my mobile phone. It had a never-ending pre-paid credit contract - i.e. you don't have to make calls just to use up the credit. Now they have added end dates on all recharge cards. How do big companies get away with this?

- Karen

We all hear about the politicians and their pay rises and how they "care" about what we think. How many times are we going to hear on ACA or other current affair shows about the unfairness of things and yet nothing gets done. If the politicians really cared about us then they would come down harder on the banks and their so-called necessity fees to cover their costs. Yet banks close and fees go up and the service is a bit to be desired.

Go into a bank and wait in line when there is a dozen customers and only one teller for example. I would also like to know why as a mother going back to the work force (I have had casual office jobs), I can't get a job because I don't have my drivers licence? No I can't get it because of my eyesight but my qualifications are fine. I have had interviews and am told the only thing stopping me is not having my licence. One time I was even asked to come back for a second interview but upon finding that I didn't have my licence (I may have needed to go and do some photocopying elsewhere) that I needn't bother coming back. I am frustrated and extremely disillusioned with what I am going to do with my life now my kids are at school. I am only 35 and want more.

- Anon

I am mad as heck! Last week, my flatmate became unemployed for the first time in her life. Wanting to do things correctly, she attended a Centrelink office and registered for a job seeker card (some places will only accept you for an interview if you have one of these cards). The person on the other side of the counter suggested that she should register for the unemployment benefit "just in case" she wasn't able to find a job straight away. So she did - and was honest about the fact that the two of us have lived together for 3 years and have had a relationship for a part of that time. As a result, my wages affected her eligibility and she receives NOTHING! Since speaking to other people who receive these benefits, we have realised that most people just lie about their relationship with the people they live with. If I had always been "just her flatmate" (or even if she had just said that was the case) she would have been entitled to a sum of $400 a fortnight. Since we have our own finances, our own bills, pay our own rent and halve everything, I fail to see how they assume that I can afford to "keep her" and pay her bills. My wages only just cover my own bills. It just shows, in today's times, dishonesty often does pay.

- Jono

What really really really bugs the crap out of me is people who are getting paid the same as me in my workplace but do absolutely nothing. I work my butt off at work and I am a great worker - yet there are others who do nothing and still get paid the same as me. How is that fair? Or what is worse is people who get promotions just because their boss likes them and the boss has influence. Them getting a promotion has nothing to do with their actual ability to do the job and there are other people who go for the job who would actually do it better. Why do some people get all the breaks in life?

- Sharyn

I just have to ask. Where are peoples manners when on the road nowadays? I know we are all in a rush to get on with our busy lives but seriously, how hard is it to raise your left arm and give a little thank you wave when someone lets you in. Also why do some drivers think its their god given right for you to let them in when they have flown up your left hand side? But then you do the nice thing and let them in and what do you get for your politeness? That's right ... not even a wave!

- Anon

Can anyone tell me what is up with people who have to have the last word all of the time? Even when there is no logic in what they say, even when you ask them for an explanation and they just say "der der der" - what is up with that? Why are they like this? And I cannot handle the ones who specifically are in positions of power or higher up in the workforce who simply say red when you say black or who say yes because you say no. What is their problem - it drives me nutty because they can get away with it and use their position to stroke their own egos. All I have to say to people like that is "Get over yourselves" and one day if you continue to treat people like that and manipulate them, you will get it back. What goes around comes around. You may laugh at being a smart-ass at the time or share a joke with other managers or teachers etc. but really you are bad. Just wait for your turn - you will be humbled.

- Erica

I am truly sickened by certain un-named cosmetic companies who continue to test on animals without the majority of the public knowing. There is no cosmetic animal testing in Australia, but some products can state on their label that they don't test on animals, but still obtain animal tested chemicals from overseas laboratories. The only way to be positive you are buying a cruelty free product is if you see the "Choose Cruelty Free" logo (with the rabbit) on your cosmetics, etc. There are now plenty of non-testing companies, like Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Chanel. There is no excuse for some big names to keep testing, and no amount of glamorous celebrities flogging these cosmetics will ever erase the fact that animal testing is despicable, unnecessary, and way, way past it's use by date.

- Kelly

I am still unable to understand why the majority of all female mags etc don't cater very much for the plus size woman. Okay so we may not be "model" size, but we are still beautiful females and like to be treated the same way as all others. That includes more fashion being made available to us at affordable prices, and lovely lingerie as well. Come on where are all the supporters of us BBW's.

- Leeanne

I am tired of these SUPERMUM celebrities that get all the praise for being celebrities and having children, little do they mention the nanny, cleaner, cook, gardener, hairstylist, bumwiper that these celebrities have. I mean we hear about the hectic lifestyles and how super they are well what about the REAL SUPERMUMS who work full time, raise their kids, cook, clean, shop and run the household without any HIRED help! THEY are the real SUPERMUMS of the world but no one ever gives them a mention. Well I am about to change that and I here give praise to the little Aussie female battler who are the unsung heroes of this country.....................that feels so much bettter.

- Sharon J.

I work in customer service. I work in a fruit and vegetable market, of which we are also wholesale. I get really annoyed when a customer will come up to the register and then I say" hello, how are you today?" and they don't reply. And then when they don't reply, I say it again, louder....then the customer will look at me and say either, "I'm fine", or say "Excuse me, what did you say to me?". It's quite rude. We are there to do our job and be nice and serve our potential customers. It's also annoying when people also come up to the register and tell me the name of every item they have from their trolley; (for example, these are apples, these are bananas, these are pears, this is a cabbage, this is a lettuce.) I am working in this place with a lot of knowledge; do customers think I am stupid? I don't think so. Also, when customers come up to me and tell me the price of every item, well, for sure I am not going to know every itemised price, but for them to remember it, what is the world coming to when people think that we are going to rip them off a few cents, it's such a crime.

People don't have to tell the service attendant, we are there to serve and make you customers happy, so please let us do our jobs.

- Kathryn

I am so annoyed about people driving in transit lanes with only one person in the car. It shows the complete lack of regard or respect for persons trying to do the right thing. I carpool everyday in an effort to preserve the environment yet still maintaining a quick trip to work. I was rammed from behind by a person who only had one person in it due to him talking on his mobile phone and not noticing all the traffic slowing in front of him. As a result of him slamming on his brakes and ramming into me the next 4 cars behind him did the same thing. Not only did the car behind me get a ticket for negligent driving and talking on his mobile phone while driving but also for driving in the transit lane which was more expensive than the tickets for the other two!!! As for the other 4 cars involved in the accident they ALL had only one person in them which resulted in all of them getting tickets. Poetic Justice!!!! But, it just goes to show the arrogance and selfishness of Sydney drivers. Why don't police patrol them? I have been using this particular transit lane for over 7 years and haven't once seen police patrol or ticket drivers in it with one person in the car unless there was an accident. What's the point of having the transit lane at all? I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.

- Barbara B.

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