Rant & Rave 2

Rant & Rave 2
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I can't understand why department stores bother to line their changing room cubicles with mirrors providing the delightful insight into what the back of your bottom really looks like? Why changing room cubicles are lit with exquisite fluorescent lighting, which highlight every chocolate éclair that has passed ones lips and promptly made its home on ones hips?

The only conclusion I can draw is - they were designed by blokes. Blokes who don't get cellulite, PMT or fat days. They also obviously overlooked the concept that a room lit with a warm, fuzzy glow, is far more flattering to the average female figure than a claustrophobic, clinical, harshly lit cubicle. It's simple economics. The more flattered we are, the more of a workout our credit cards get. It started my thinking that if I were Queen for a day, or if women were in control of the world, we could implement some serious changes:
  • Public transport would smell like Ambi-Pur Rainforest instead of Domenico's Doner Kebabs.
  • McDonalds uniforms would be flattering to girls larger than a size 12.
  • Guys would undertake compulsory intensive training in vacuuming, clothes washing, ironing and cleaning the toilet (no, simply flushing is not considered cleaning the toilet).
  • Ugh boots and those big, wide, wedge thongs would be outlawed. As would all surviving leotards intended to be worn over leggings at the gym.
  • Katie Holmes would be forced to share Chris Klein with all females universally (greedy girl).
  • Chantelle Barry would be forced to divulge the circumstances surrounding her departure from Bardot.
  • Gordon (from Big Brother) would be required to lose that horrible hair do and admit he WAS cracking onto Jemma (we all SAW you Gordy!), not merely trying to "build a friendship".
  • Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson would be banished to a desert island so they can fight all they like and we wouldn't have to read about them in trashy tabloid magazines anymore.
  • Michael Bolton and Mariah Carey would be sent to the same island to relieve the general public's eardrums, and to punish Tommy and Pamela.
  • Weekends would be 3 days long - each and every Friday would be a (paid) public holiday. The government would subsidise Friday lunches in swanky, sunny locations.
  • The government would also subsidise one designer dress per babe, so we all know wwhat it feels like to sashay down the red carpet, be snapped at by paparazzi and coo "its Versace daaarling" to E news reporters.

    Should we women get a chance to be in power, what a glamorous, peaceful, relaxing and exciting existence we would lead!
    - Rachael Bonetti

    Why is it that the moment most people find out that you're on antidepressants & you're 21 they automatically think that you are either:

    a) looking for attention or
    b) a total nutcase & you should be locked up in a psychiatric hopsital?

    Yeah, I have major depression & yeah I take antidepressants, but I have had this condition since I was around 5 years of age! I am a danger to no-one, & what many people seem to forget is that mental illness is not something that the person who has it can usually control. It's not a sign of weakness. If anything, it's a sign of strength that we have made it this far & that we are still fighting.

    So to all the people out there who judge a person simply by lables, perhaps you should consider the person behind the lable & how they feel about being judged by people who don't know them from a bar of soap.

    - CAT

    What gets me is where there are children in relationships and/or marriages how come the mother has to ASK the father to look after the kids while she goes shopping, bill paying, appointments etc..... But when the father wants to go somewhere he just ....well, goes! I have never heard a male ask Can you please look after the kids honey while I go to the pub, my friends?"

    Come to think of it, I don't know many men who do dishes without being ASKED to, and if they do them, we say thanks. What for??? Do they say thanks to US when we wash dishes, wash clothes, sweep floors etc.....?
    Geeze I really don't think today IS an equal society no matter what anyone else says to me.

    - Siobhan

    I'm so sick of hearing all of my (guy) friends telling me I'm a good looking bird and asking me how come I don't have a boyfriend? And when am I going to start having kids? And worst of all, all the things that I should change about myself just so that I can get a guy.

    Am I going crazy here, or is the meaning of life not always about getting hitched and raising a family. Shouldn't I just be doing what makes me happy or do I really have some obligation to society?

    - Flick

    My super whine is when you go to the cinema expecting peace and quite and instead you have to put up with people who only want to talk their way through the film. If those peopel want to have a 1 hour monologue stay at home. Now I know why staying at home is a far better option. And while I am in a whinge mode how can the cinema charge 6 dollars for a box of popcorn claiming it to be fresh and hot when it is actually a day old and cold?.

    - Carmel

    I get really peeved when I go to the gym and start a great workout, sweating, puffing and panting, gasping for air and drinking all the water I can get my hands on. Then in she walks, the little greyhound in her leotards with the g string on the outside.

    She meanders up to the running machine and starts to jog, with her earphones in her ears and her little towel hanging on the edge, just in case a sweat builds up.
    Oh, how I hate her. What a showoff. What is she doing there? I ask myself.

    - Jean

    I have had enough of the lack of courtesy to more mature people on buses. I am only 25 and I am six months pregnant and I catch a bus every day. The other day an elderly blind gentleman got on my bus, and not one person stood to let him sit down. I offered him my seat, which he refused, but I would like to ask the 20 or so young students on the bus whether they were ever taught any manners? Especially when they are sitting in the seats allocated for elderly people!

    - Kate


    I totally agree Kate. I couldn't believe the response on the train by people when I was pregnant. I have never seen so many people, especially men-in-suits suddenly become so interested in their paper or what is outside the window so that they didn't have to make eye contact with you and then feel obligated to give up their seat.

    What has happened to being a gentleman, has equality gone too far?

    - Karen

    OK, we've all seen it - the able-bodied person who parks in a disabled space thinking that their life is the most important on the planet. They zoom into the space, leap out of the car and disappear into the shopping centre for hours. Of course, the car park management never seems to enforce the 'Disabled Parking Only' signs, but I ask you? Would a large red sticker with a picture of a goose and the words - 'I am so selfish that I park in disabled spaces and guess what - I'm not even disabled!' placed on the most visible window of the vehicle be effective? You bet your life it would. Or there's the second option - the Seinfeld episode option. A vigilante group of shoppers surrounds the offending vehicle and trashes it, hunts down the driver, strips them naked and stuffs them into the ice-cream cabinet in the supermarket for an hour.

    - Bronte

    Response to Bronte:

    As a young sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I have a disabled sticker, and yes I have been abused for parking there. Although I might not have a wheelchair or look sick, I cant walk distances and for me to get there in the first place is a big achievement, may it be only to look at one shop or see a movie. Don't judge people, young people get sick too!

    - Sharne C.

    I like to think that I am a reasonably well mannered person but lately I have found that people serving at Fast Food places are so incapable of doing their jobs. They lack hearing, coordination and vision. Example: you go through drive thru and have the person on the other end of the speaker taking your order - after you repeat if for them several times because they can't hear your yelling they repeat it back to you, only to have missed half of the order. It is almost like you are speaking another language.

    They finally get the order right - you know, what you want, not what they want to give you. You pay take the order and drive away. Upon opening the bag half of the order is missing. When you drive all the way back they tell you that you forgot your order, not that they had forgotten to pack it, then they demand a receipt and would like you to go inside to sort this little mistake out. Do you think that they stop to think that you used drive thru for a reason - NO! Is it just me or do these people need to clean out those wax filled ears, open their eyes and learn to read? If you are game enough to venture inside it is just as bad. If you check it while they are packing it they look at you like you are paranoid, but if you don't check it is almost certainly guaranteed to be wrong!

    - Foo Foo

    I am fed up with the media/health programs not portraying the proper facts about diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile onset diabetes (insulin dependent) last year, which is totally different to type 2 mature age onset diabetes (insulin resistant). The media portrays all diabetes as the same i.e. overweight older people are more at risk. When I tell people that I am a diabetic they say things like "oh, you must have lost a lot of weight". That really, really really annoys me as being a type 1 diabetic I had no choice and it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my diet, my weight or anything like that. It is because I had a diabetic gene that came together with an environmental factor that cause my insulin producing cells to die off. I just wish people would become a bit more educated and not judge someone who says they are a diabetic.

    - Anon

    It just astounds me that most people today don't help someone when they are in trouble. I was withdrawing money the other morning from the ATM. This guy tried to rob me. While this was happening I looked at this guy and said please help and he put down his head. I managed to get away to work, which was a block away (in tears). I found out in the afternoon that a work mate of mine was hassled in the same area on the same day about an hour before me by a guy matching the same description. She was screaming out for someone to help, and although there were a few people around, no one did anything. It just makes me mad that no one wants to help these days.

    - Kelli Anne

    Grrrrrrr. What is it with professional organisations that just never bother to return your calls? I received a message on my mobile phone the other day asking me to call a certain person back regarding my car insurance policy. Of course, I called immediately (calling from my mobile phone in case there was some REAL problem), only to be told the person I needed was in a meeting. I left a message that I had called. No one returned my call that day, so I left another message with her receptionist. The next day I called again, only to be informed that she was in a sales meeting. Eventually, three days later, she called to inform me that I had underpaid my insurance by $1.30. Yes, what urgency?!!!!! I have since transferred my insurance to another company. Perhaps if these people spent more time attending to their current customers needs, they wouldn't need to spend so much time in sales meetings trying to recruit new customers.

    - Carla L.

    OK, I hate to reduce myself to the level of toilet conversation but today was the LAST STRAW. Not ONLY do we have a female in the office who DRIPS on the toilet seat and refuses to wipe it off - but kindly puts the toilet seat DOWN so that you only see it at the last minute!

    Not ONLY do we have a female in the office who LIFTS THE LID and sits on the toilet rim, lined with paper - AND LEAVES THE PAPER THERE; But NOW we have a "poo phantom" who does what they have to do...and walks away WITHOUT FLUSHING!!! It's just too GROSS!! Suggestions are more than welcome!

    - D.L.

    Every morning I am tortured on my daily train trip into the City. I am forced to listen to conversations that run along the lines of: "And I go" "And she goes" "And I go" "And I'm like" to which the correct response is "Are you serious? Oh my God" . ('Serious' needs to be said with a high pitched squeal at the end of it). Why does everything have to be in the third person? All that I can think off is that I would like to "go" "please stop speaking like this, it is incredibly irritating".

    - Carol T.

    How is it that large chain furniture stores can get away with not adjusting the price tags displayed on floor stock to the as advertised price in their current catalogue? It is not fair for the customer who is unaware of the catalogue and pays a different price for the same item, to the next customer who is. If they are offered discount for cash they think they are getting a good deal when really it could be the price as advertised but just not displayed.

    - Anon.

    I am 26 years old and a professional. I decided not long ago to obtain some piercings. I have a nose stud and a navel piercing. I find that often people stereotype such practices and assume you're taking drugs or connected to bikie gangs. I also find discrimination around this type of practice when it comes to obtaining employment. Whatever happened to freedom of expression and equal opportunities? It would be great to hear others experiences.

    - Rochelle

    Let me first qualify my comments by saying that I am a gentle, kind, fun-loving pacifist, that is until I see "it" - "it" being girls applying make-up on public transport! How tacky and inappropriate. Ever heard of "Feminine Mystique"? Why stop there, why not save even more time each morning and perform all bodily ablutions? Let's see, I could hit that snooze button another 3 times if I saved cutting my toenails, cleaning out my ears and picking out naval lint for my bus and train trip! Get some class and either wake up earlier or save it for the Ladies bathroom!

    - Melinda DM

    I am so fed up with car drivers who refuse to stop at Pedestrian crossings. These people see me with my small child, but NO they are in a hurry to get somewhere very quickly and break the law by refusing to stop for me. It is not my problem that you are running late for your appointment! I am sick and tired of drivers ignoring pedestrians, this behaviour is not only rude but has the possibility of getting them into some serious trouble.

    - Lisa Wray

    I have had enough with fast food chain stores. Just because it is fast food doesn't mean it has to be substandard. How many times have you gotten a burger and it is cold, meat is not cooked properly, half the salad is falling out, hardly any salad at all, chips are cold, chips are overcooked and so on. Just because it is busy, that doesn't justify a burger and fries that have seen better days. Lift your game fast food outlets or my feet will do the walking right out of the door!

    - Anon

    I hate it when newsreaders, radio announcers and newspapers incorrectly report on "Bull Terrier" attacks. I feel for the parents when a child gets attacked by a dog but criticizing the wrong breed achieves nothing but a mis-educated community. The most recent attack involved a PITT-Bull Terrier, a dog that has very little in common with the lovely Bull Terrier except a name, four legs and a tail. These days Bull Terriers and Stafforshire Bull Terriers are bred to be friendly, family pets. Like any dog you should never leave your child alone with them but that is common sense. I admit I am bias on this subject as I used to own a Bull Terrier, but it makes me so mad. My dog wouldn't hurt a fly.

    - Peta R.
    Reply to Peta's rant:

    I agree with Peta about the bad press certain types of dogs have been getting lately. I'm not a dog person at all (give me a cat any day), but I think it's unfair that some dogs, such as bull terriers and rottweilers, have been painted by the media as "evil". The sad truth is that ANY dog will attack if provoked - it's all a matter of the degree of tolerance of each individual dog. The lesson here is that, as Peta says, children should never be left alone with any dog, regardless of its breed.

    - Kelly N.

    I am a breastfeeding mother of a 7-month-old. I am sick of non-breastfeeding mothers making comments like "Are you still breastfeeding???" or "Don't you miss your freedom, I don't know how you do it" - all these comments are with sarcasm. You always hear stories about bottle feeding mothers being made to feel guilty about the choice that they have made but no one ever talks about how breastfeeding mothers get criticized if they decide to breastfeed their children after they are 3 months of age. You are made to feel like you are doing something that is wrong or disgusting!!

    - Karen


    I have a comment for Karen - good for you, feed your baby for as long as possible. I fed my last one for 13 months and only stopped because we were going overseas and I mistakenly thought that it would be easier to wean her onto cup. Keep it up, there should be more like you. I think it is a shame more people don't breast feed their babies, after all I believe in the saying breast is best.

    - Wilma

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