New Pumponator creates water bomb

Summer madness!

Water bomb fight anyone? Who doesn't love one! Introducing the fabulous new Pumponator. Invented by a grade four girl, the Pumponator mobile balloon pumping station is designed to make filling balloons on the go with water or air super fun and super easy. Already a hit overseas, the Pumponator is a double 2010 "Toy of the Year" award winner! Summer in Aus is going to be a whole lot of exploding fun this year!

If you've ever tried to fill a balloon with water from your hose or tap you'll know the frustration of breaking and tearing most of the balloons, not to mention the mess! The nozzle on the Pumponator is specially designed to hold balloon ends without breaking them, and the lever gently fills the balloon with water.

Take the Pumponator to the park, the cricket, the pool or the beach. You can add a little cheeky fun to the family get together or gang up on your best friend's brother. The Pumponator can turn a boring pic-nic into a bucket load of laughs. Who would have thought one little toy could be the source of hours and hours of entertainment!

"My brother and I like to use the Pumponator to fill up a heap of water bombs and then we climb our big tree," explains Aussie tester, Johnny Heydon, "and when friends come over or dad gets home the fun starts!"

The Pumponator can even be used to fill balloons with air. The balloons are biodegradable and because you only use the amount of water you really need, you actually use less water than you would trying to fill balloons from a traditional tap.

Available in a range of colours, The Pumponator retails for around $30. The Pumponator comes with 250 balloons (balloon refills are also available). To purchase online or for a list of stockists, go to www.eurekaconcepts.com.au. Children under the age of 8 should be supervised by an adult as the Pumponator contains small parts.

It's so easy to use and so much fun to play with, you might want to buy them for your friends. However we suggest you hide yours from your big brother!

Review: It's no surprise why the Pumponator is a 'toy of the year', for some serious summer fun that parents will want to join in. Get indoors mum or you're giong to get wet.... water bombs are back!