Pregnancy and Beyond: A Practical Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Beyond: A Practical Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Beyond: A Practical Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy might seem like the perfect time to sit back and relax, but according to personal trainer Calum Wilson, author of new book, 'Pregnancy and Beyond! A Practical Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy", pregnancy is, in fact, the perfect time to get active.

According to Wilson, who has been specialising in pre and post natal training for the past seven years, the view that women should 'take it easy" while pregnant and avoid physical activity is outdated, with more and more research pointing towards the benefits of exercising during pregnancy. From improved energy, circulation, moods and sleep, to a decrease in back pain, pregnancy-related high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and even labour time, obstetricians are now giving exercise du ring pregnancy a convincing thumbs up.

And we're not just talking about gentle walking and the odd pre-natal yoga class either. Wilson's new book encourages resistance training through more than 60 step-by-step exercises, broken up into five complete, easy to follow sections: Pre pregnancy, the first, second and third trimesters, and postnatal recovery. The book also includes descriptions of what is happening biologically in the body at each stage, helping to make sense of the program adjustments as the pregnancy progresses.

'While preparing for childbirth is an exciting and wonderful experience, it is also one that can be filled with concern and trepidation," said Wilson. 'And in my years spent training women in the crucial prenatal and postnatal stages of their lives, I have been astonished by the lack of information and resources available to support them in continuing with their fitness regimes during their pregnancies."

'Most women know that they should exercise while pregnant, but they don't know where to start – which exercises are safe, which should be avoided and how their training program should change as they move through the pregnancy. I've seen websites referring to outdated research or failing to provide key information about the do's and don'ts of exercising throughout and following your pregnancy, leaving important questions unanswered about the benefits and safety of training throughout pregnancy," he said.

Pregnancy and Beyond aims to answer these questions and more:
Do I have to have a certain level of fitness before I fall pregnant to be able to exercise throughout pregnancy?
Do I need to monitor my heart rate?
Can I jog while pregnant?
Which exercises can I do safely and which should be avoided?
Does exercise benefit my baby and me, and if so, how?

The training programs laid out in Pregnancy and Beyond can be started at any stage of pregnancy and are designed so that mothers can exercise within their own homes. 'I've provided programs that can safely be commenced at any point up until week 38 of your pregnancy, with very little equipment required, making it affordable for everyone," said Wilson.

Wilson, who works closely with obstetricians across Sydney, does caution however, that every pregnancy is different and it goes without saying that women should discuss their exercise plans with their doctor before commencing. 'That said, pregnancy is a natural condition, and unless you have complications or an illness, it should be possible, with your doctor's consent, to enjoy training and keeping fit throughout most of your pregnancy," he said.

Calum Wilson is the owner of Limitless Health and Fitness, a Sydney-based practice of degree-qualified personal trainers specialising in pre and post natal training. Born in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, Calum holds an exercise science degree from the University of Gloucestershire, where he graduated with Honours in 2005.

Calum's career as a personal trainer commenced soon after, under the guidance of Peter Nunn, a recognised specialist in pre and post natal training. After training countless women throughout and following their pregnancies, Calum saw first-hand the distinct benefits that responsible, specialised training could offer to women both prior to and following the birth of their babies - from improved circulation and energy levels, to maintaining healthy weight gain, strengthening the pelvic floor, decreasing the chances of post natal depression and improving the speed at which the body bounces back post pregnancy.

Moving to Sydney in 2008, Calum established himself at Fitness First Platinum in Balgowlah where he is the resident specialist in pre and post natal training, as well as offering training for advanced fat loss, sports specific goals and injury rehab. Holding a Cert II and IV in Personal Training, Calum has also completed certificates in Pre and Post Natal Training, Injury Rehab and Sports Massage. He has also written an accredited course on pre and post natal training for other Personal Trainers through Fitness Australia.

Pregnancy and Beyond: A Practical Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy

Available as an eBook from Amazon, and selected online book stockists.
Author: Calum Wilson

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