Pocket Balls

Pocket Balls

Pocket Balls

Taking an innovative and creative approach to the humble heat pack, nationwide provider of hot therapy equipment, Take 5 Energize, has put a fresh new spin on an old school method of warmth with the invention of Pocket Balls; the latest in novelty sports ball heat packs.

Designed in Australia, Pocket Balls are reusable pocket-sized heat packs that are safe, waterproof and available in a variety of novel sport themes, including football/rugby, soccer, golf, cricket, tennis, basketball and the magic eight ball.

Perfect for an active runner or athlete right in the heart of the action, warming children up during a game of weekend sport or at home when cheering on teams to victory, these environmentally friendly heat packs provide instant heat anytime and anywhere, all with the simple click of the inner metal disk.

Providing up to an hour of deep soothing heat, the new range is simple to use, stylish and the most effective method of pain relief for joints and muscles.

Pocket Balls creator, Barbara Nicholson, attributes the concept to her passion for health and fitness and finding new therapeutic ways to benefit both children and adults.

'We're well aware of heat's ability to combat sickness, as well as many other uses in healing and repairing the body, so when looking at the Pocket Ball heat packs, I wanted to make sure we were still delivering those environmentally friendly, reusable, non-toxic elements that assist in the process of quick muscular relief," says Barbara.

'They're also very handy when playing sports for those impromptu injuries or you can keep them in your pocket at your favourite sporting game to stay warm!" she says.

VFL Port Melbourne football player and former AFL Brisbane Lions midfielder and defender, Mitch Golby, is an official ambassador of Pocket Balls.

'After a long game of footy, I often have small aches and pains and can rely on Pocket Balls to instantly heat up, help me relax and ease those pains," says Mitch.

Pocket Balls can be used again and again once the heat pack has cooled, by simply placing it in boiling water until all crystals are liquefied, allowing it to cool and then reusing once more.

Priced at $12.95 for a two-pack and available nationally, you can purchase Pocket Balls at all Coles Express convenience stores, Newspower, Spoilt: gifts and homewares, Drummond Golf, AFL Players Association, GolfWorks.com and online at http://www.take5energize.com.au/Pocket-Balls.

For more information on Pocket Balls visit http://www.take5energize.com.au/Pocket-Balls.