Phillippa's Winter Range

Phillippa's Winter Range

Phillippa's Limited Release Winter Range A Celebration Of Winter Wheat Growing Season

Inspired by the Winter wheat growing season, artisan bakery Phillippa's limited release Winter range of sweet and savoury slices and biscuits will keep you deliciously satisfied as the weather cools down.

Nutty oat cakes and fennel sables make the perfect accompaniment to a winter wine and cheese platter while peanut butter cookies, coconut biscuits and ginger crunch complement that deliciously warm hot chocolate.

Using all-natural ingredients of the highest quality and time-honoured recipes and methods, Phillippa's Winter range keeps alive the art of biscuit and slice making bringing you a delectable range of Winter treats!

Savoury Selection
Made to the original British recipe, Phillippa's Oat Cakes are perfectly thin with a typical nutty texture. Traditionally served with stilton they are also delicious with butter and honey! $13.50 for a 150g packet.

Try Phillippa's Fennel Sables and you certainly won't stop at one! These moreish delights, enhanced by fennels seeds, can be enjoyed with your fancy gin, craft beer or natural wines. Crumble generously over baked potatoes and sour cream or slow-roasted whole cauliflowers. Yum! $13.50 for a 150g packet.

Sweet Selection
Made to her maternal Grandmother's recipe, Phillippa's Coconut Biscuits are bite size pieces of handcrafted goodness. Mouth-wateringly delicious on their own, they can also be served with rich chocolate ganache or crumbled and stirred through yoghurt and passionfruit served beside poached rhubarb and custard. $13.50 for a 180g packet.

Phillippa's Peanut Butter Cookies are a salty-sweet combination of fresh Australian peanuts and brown sugar. Made with wholemeal flour they're delicious with tea or coffee but you can't go past sprinkling crumbs over ice-cream and banana and drizzling with chocolate sauce. Divine! $13.50 for a packet of 12.

A wicked New Zealand slice that Kiwis and Australians alike will swoon over, Phillippa's Ginger Crunch has a shortbread base covered with a delectable layer of caramel ginger icing. Serve a sliver of Ginger Crunch alongside poached pear with cream for a perfect Winter dessert. $17.95

Phillippa's Apricot, Hazelnut and Oat Slice, made with tangy Australian dried apricots, is the perfect lunch box treat that is both delicious and healthy. Chop coarsely and serve over warm stewed apple for the perfect Winter dessert. $17.95

Inspired by the abundant wheat fields of the Wimmera, and with a distinctive wheat field labels, Phillippa's Winter range can be found in instore at Armadale, Brighton and Richmond, online at and at select good retailers. For a list of retailers nationally call 03 9428 5363