Thick n Fluffy Strawberry Pikelets

Thick n Fluffy Strawberry Pikelets

Serves 2-4

½ cup wholemeal self-raising flour
½ cup white self-raising flour
3 large eggs
300g thick unsweetened Greek yoghurt
200g fresh Queensland Strawberries, ½ smashed & ½ sliced for serving
Butter or Rice Bran oil for frying
To serve- Strawberry butter, Strawberry syrup & loads of fresh chopped strawberries

In a medium bowl, beat the eggs and then add yoghurt and beat gently together. Gradually sift in the flour, mixing gently until just combined. Fold in the smashed strawberries. For maximum fluffiness, rest the mixture for 15-30 minutes at room temperature.
Heat a heavy based frying pan over a medium high heat. Add a teaspoon of butter or a tablespoon of Rice Bran oil. When the pan is hot, ladle batter into pan (approx. 1/4 cup per pancake), reduce heat to medium low and cook for 3-4 minutes until bubbles form on the surface. Flip, cook for a further 2-3 minutes until golden and cooked through. Repeat.

These are thick pancakes, so it will be important to regulate your heat to make sure they both stay golden and cook through.
Serve with strawberry butter and strawberry syrup and lots more fresh Queensland Strawberries!
How To Make Easy Strawberry Butter:
Process 150g softened unsalted butter with a large handful of chopped Queensland strawberries. Using baking paper or cling wrap, roll the butter into a log and refrigerate or freeze until required.

Totally 'Strawesome': Queensland Strawberry Season In Full Swing

Queensland strawberries are back and sweeter than ever, with over 100 million punnets set to hit stores this winter. 

Despite adverse weather events at the start of the year, recent sunny days and cool nights across the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg region has created near-perfect growing conditions, with growers now expecting a strong winter crop with plenty of high-quality, sweet, juicy strawberries. 

Queensland strawberries are available now right across the country and will be in store through to October. 

President of the Queensland Strawberry Growers' Association and proud strawberry farmer, Luigi Coco, says he is looking forward to another great season and is thankful for the ongoing support shown from all Australians. 

"We've had a tough time up here as the weather wasn't helping us at the start of the season, but the Queensland sunshine has come through and all the growers are proud of how the fruit looks and tastes – fresh, sweet and juicy. 

"Popping a punnet or two in your trolley is a huge help to the Queensland strawberry growers who've worked hard to get such a strong crop this year. We were all overwhelmed by the support we received from the Australian community last year and it helped us through incredibly tough times." 

Deliciously sweet, strawberries can also provide a welcome boost to the health of your family this winter. Packed with vitamin C and folate, vitamin C can help your immune defense system and help you recover from the common cold according to accredited practicing dietitian Lisa Yates. 

"It may surprise people to know just how beneficial strawberries can be in your diet over winter. Small yet mighty, strawberries are rich in both vitamin C and folate which are needed for a healthy immune system," she said. 

"Despite being sweet, strawberries are a low sugar snack and are extremely versatile – they make the perfect snack which can be enjoyed in a range of dishes to brighten up your winter, from smoothies to salsas." 

Top 5 ways to enjoy 'strawesome' Queensland strawberries this winter: 
Strawberries are the perfect snack on their own. Smaller varieties are a great size for little hands. 
SWEET TREAT: A baker's best friend, strawberries are the perfect pop of colour and taste for cakes, muffins and tarts. 
SALSA TWIST: Chopped finely, strawberries add a sweet twist to your salsa, which you can enjoy with crackers or over grilled fresh fish. 
CHEESEBOARD FAVOURITE: Try oven roasting strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar and soft brown sugar, then piling the roasted berries on a soft cheese like camembert, served with seeded crackers for a new take on a cheeseboard favourite. 
DRINK UP: Strawberries add a burst of sweetness to your beverages, whether it's muddled with gin, tonic and mint or sliced into your glass of soda.