Subway Cookie Hacks

Subway Cookie Hacks

 Move over mud cakes, there's a new baking hack in town 


Brace your tastebuds, Subway® Australia has launched a new baking movement that is ready to indulge the nation's appetite, using its cult-favourite cookies to inspire new culinary delights.


Subway is inviting beginner and pro-bakers alike to jump on the #Subwaycookiehacks bandwagon and share quick and easy recipes based on the world-famous cookies.


Regional Public Relations Manager for Subway, Amanda Templeton, said the Subway Cookie Hacks concept was designed to help handy home cooks with dessert tricks using the humble Subway cookie as a way to save time and add flavour.


"Subway cookies have a cult-following and are a favourite for meals, snacks and gifts.  But until now, we've been missing their best feature: a nifty dessert hack," Ms Templeton.


"Our cookies can form the foundation for countless cheesecakes, tarts, trifles and s'more.  Subway Cookie Hacks are about bringing together aspiring bakers with entertainers to share the best shortcuts and save time for dessert works of art."


"Whether you're a pastry-pro or a red velvet rookie, anyone can have a crack at these easy hacks.  Any of Subway's cookie range can be used to create a dessert masterpiece, without all the effort."


Subway has kickstarted the cookie community creativity, with hacks including a Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart and Cookie Popsicles, but with Subway's range of cookie flavours, any cookie can be used to create a unique and tasty dessert option.


Subway's cookie hacks creations follow the release of a new Salted Caramel Flavoured Cookie, the first new cookie flavour in the brand's line-up since 2010.


"Our Salted Caramel Flavoured Cookie was created especially for our Aussie sweet-tooth and is the perfect way to succumb to your cravings this winter," Ms Templeton said.


"Each freshly-baked buttery cookie is packed full of flavour and the perfect mix of sweet and salty goodness.  Whether to complete your meal, as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, a late-night snack or to fulfil your cookie hacks, our irresistible soft cookies always hit the spot."


Subway is encouraging aspiring chefs and bakers to share their favourite recipes with #Subwaycookiehacks. 


Subway's cookie flavours include the limited-edition Salted Caramel Flavoured Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, White Chip Macadamia Nut and Raspberry Cheesecake.