Peter Howard’s Barbecue Collection

Peter Howard’s Barbecue Collection

Peter Howards Barbecue Collection

The worldwide renaissance of barbecuing is in full swing! For that reason and Peter Howards absolute love of barbecuing, he decided to write his fourth book on this delicious way of eating with family and friends - a ritual that is known as being Australian but in reality is a worldwide fascination and is embraced everywhere.

Peter Howards BBQ Collection is a combination of the best recipes from his first three books, Barbecued!, Licence to Grill and Barbecue Seafood plus new recipes. Pizza, soufflés, roasting and wok frying on the side burner are a few of the additional recipes he has included.

One of Australia's food industry icons, Peter Howard, brings together the recipes that have made him famous. A complete collection of barbecue recipes, this book is sensation value at fifty dollars.

Peter Howard made his name demonstrating how the Australian barbeque can be used successfully with contemporary cuisine. His methods saw him becoming one of the leading food journalists in Australia, recognised recently by his induction into the industry's hall of fame.

Peter has taken his ideas internationally and is one of the key organisers for the 'G'Day USA' promotion where Australia is promoted to the US market.

Peter Howard's BBQ Collection is a celebration of Pete's love of barbecuing, bring together new recipes and the best meals from his earlier classics, Barbecued!, Licence to Grill, and Barbecue Seafood.

A few years ago Peter quipped that about the only thing you can't do on a barbecue is cook a soufflé. How times have changed. The modern barbecue allows you to concoct a magnificent soufflé... and this new book shows you how, with passionfruit no less!

In true Peter Howard style, BBQ Collection is full of quality recipes. It covers all meals and preparation and most food types. Plates show both traditional and contemporary presentation.

Review: Never has the BBQ looked more appealing, with so many creative ideas, you will want to cook on your BBQ all year round. Easy recipes, with flare and flavour, let's get cooking.

Peter Howards Barbecue Collection
New Holland Publishers
Author: Peter Howard
ISBN: 9781741107968
RRP: $50.00