PaperClips Top 5 Tips on Getting Organised for the new School Year

PaperClips Top 5 Tips on Getting Organised for the new School Year

PaperClips Top 5 Tips on Getting Organised for the new School Year

By Sue Glasser – Organising Specialist /Paper Flow and In8 Certified Consultant and Presenter


If the kids are going back to school you are guaranteed of three things:
A bit more time for yourself (YES!)
Lots of new paperwork coming in
Busy mornings.


Let's start with the paperwork. Because so much comes in from the schools it can be difficult to stay on top of it. Here are some ideas on how to better organise your paper flow.


Ready Reference Saves Stress

Set up a Ready Reference A4 Display Folder


Include things like:
Class lists
Tuck shop lists
Roster details
School schedules
Time tables
Emergency contacts


Keep this in an easily accessible place for the whole family and let everyone know where it is kept.


Colour Coding Is The Way To Go


Set up a colour coded manila folder for each of your children with tabbed divisions.

Tabbed options may include:
School notices
Sports related
For return

Teach your children to put the information straight into their own folders – remember to check it regularly. ( a minimum of once a week)


Place them where they are easily accessible.

Now to saving your sanity in the mornings.

Night Time Prep Saves Morning Madness

Pre- prepare school uniforms/ sports uniforms and school bags the night before – save time and frustration in the morning


Pre-Prepare lunches and snacks the night before – save time and your sanity in the morning


8 Minute Clean Up Blitz

Set a timer for 8 minutes and challenge your kids to pick up the toys, books, and other items they used during the day. Make sure everything is put back where they belongs.

The ideal time to do this is at the end of the day. Why not make it part of their bedtime routine. Try and beat the clock, maybe even offer a reward.


Entance Hall Station

For items used often like jackets and backpacks, why not set up a station near the front door?
Install hooks at child height for easy access.
A box/basket for shoes will keep them out of everyone's way and make them easy to find in the morning.

I hope that these tips help to make your mornings more manageable, and you may even free up some time to have a quiet breakfast and morning chat before school – wouldn't that be great?