Palm Trees and Margaritas

Palm Trees and Margaritas

Making sure there's enough time in your life for palm trees and margaritas, whatever you define them to be, is the message of the new book by first time Melbourne author Karen Morath.

The book, Palm Trees and Margaritas- Finding Your Oasis in a Busy World, published by Avant Pressm began life as an electronic newsletter in 2006.

"I started writing the 'Palm Trees and Margaritas ' newsletter based on the realisation that at 41 I was beginning the second half of my life, all going to plan. With three children, a house to run and a career as a speaker, consultant and writer. I had many balls in the air but still wanted to make sure I was living a 'big life'".

"The newsletter really connected with people and I was inspired by the high level of feedback I received. Palm Trees and Margaritas the book is based on the first year of the newsletter and includes tips, stories and reflections on life, the universe and what really matters" She said.

Ms Morath said that because no one knows how their life will unfold it is important to make time for the people and things you value.

"It is about finding time for the things that inspire, relax and replenish you. It's more than sitting on a beach with a margarita in hand, though that's good too, but it could also be your work, your friends, your family or your hobbies, and making sure your life includes as much of those things as you choose".

"Life can't be all palm trees and margaritas, but there are worse game plans," Karen Morath said.

A percentage of proceeds from the first 100 copies sold will be donated to the National Heart Foundation.

Palm Trees and Margaritas
NuHouse Press
Author: Karen Morath
Price: Paperback: RRP: $20.00