Nourish Coloured Hair

Nourish Coloured Hair
If you wish to steer clear of artificial additives and chemicals, but still demand results, look no further thanNourish Coloured Hair Care, a gentle and effective range of shampoos and unique conditioner formulated to enhance and maintain the health and appearance of colour-treated hair. Harnessing the unsurpassed benefits of nature, the range is enriched with an intricate blend of essential oils, vitamins, minerals and plant proteins to restore natural shine, strength and vitality to your hair.

While the core Nourish Hair Care range comprises of 6 shampoos and 4 conditioners to treat normal,dry or oily hair, colour-treated tresses require special care. Nourish Coloured Hair Care has beendesigned to extend life and preserve coloured hair leaving hair shinier, stronger and more resistant to theeffects of repeated washing, and is available for blonde, brunette and red coloured hair.

The innovative formulas are free from sulphates, parabens, propylene glycol, DEA, synthetics andartificial colours and fragrances.

Blonde Coloured Hair: Shampoo - Chamomile extract provides remarkable purifying and protectivequalities while Turmeric enhances golden highlights of blonde coloured hair. Peach Kernel essential oiland Plant Proteins revitalise coloured hair while repairing damage.

Brunette Coloured Hair: Shampoo - Caryocar brasiliense essential oil, naturally rich in Pro Vitamin A, isproven to moisturise, protect and strengthen coloured hair. Clove essential oil revives and protectsbrunette coloured hair, leaving it soft and lustrous.

Red Coloured Hair: Shampoo - Tangerine essential oil and Rubia extract give richness to red coloured hairand enhance the vibrancy. Oat Proteins protect and fortify colour treatment and give strength to the hair.Colour Treated Conditioner - Geranium and Borage essential oils deliver protective and shine-enhancingproperties. Coloured hair is deeply moisturised and nourished, with improved texture, sheen and body.

Nourish Hair Care, RRP $11.95 (for shampoos and conditioners)

The Nourish Hair Care range is now available through health food stores and pharmacies nationally. For stockist details contact Brands Worldwide on 1300 5555 97.


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