Never Seen Before New UNO Cards

Never Seen Before New UNO Cards

An Australian-First

Leading toy company Mattel has partnered with Cobs Popcorn to release 13 exciting new 'game changing' cards for the much-loved family classic card game, UNO.

Available this March 16th until stocks last Coles and Woolworths, special edition Cobs Popcorn packs across Australia will include a single card with never seen before actions to use against opponents.

Some fun card highlights include a 'deflection card' which can be played anytime to bounce a card back onto the player that cast it, a -draw eight wild card' and the crowd-pleaser 'popcorn card' which allows only you to access the popcorn for one round.

UNO is a long standing favourite game for friends and families to play. These special edition cards are sure to produce lots of laughs and entertainment over the holidays and enjoyed for years to come.