Support for the Animals

Support for the Animals

Each year, millions of animals are born only to die a needless death in our nation's shelters. Herculean efforts on the part of shelters and rescue groups all over the country to convince "pet owners" to spay or neuter their animals have, for the most part, had almost no effect on the problem of euthanizing millions of homeless animals.

"National Homeless Animals Day" is an endeavor to raise awareness of this Australian Tragedy. The initiative is now international in scope, and is recognized as an established day, being listed by countless newspapers throughout Australia. Each year, more and more valiant animal protection organizations and caring individuals are joining together to shed light on the tragedy of dog and cat overpopulation and the importance of spaying and neutering.

This is a crisis that condemns millions of companion animals to death every year at an expenditure of millions of taxpayer dollars. Unwanted animals are brought into this world by irresponsible owners. We as a nation of people who pride ourselves on caring for the less fortunate, need to educate our communities on the importance of spaying and neutering pets to stop the killing.

ARRG (Animal Rights and Rescue Group) would really like to see this special day for animals recognised in Australia. It is a chance to expose the shocking number of unwanted animals killed and unwanted litters born, to die. A special moment for us to acknowledge all the animals that no one was able to save, no matter how hard these organisations work.

The ARRG are looking for people to get involved and to arrange something for this event for the unfortunate animals. They are appealing to any groups of caring people to light just a few candles, share some special thoughts, poems, songs, or for ministers to say a few words in their next service acknowledging the part that animals play in our world.

This event was founded by the International Society for Animal Rights and they will send you a package or poster etc. if you contact them on

They want to help to make this a worldwide event. The ARRG hope to be able to quote to the media how very supportive Australian groups are to acknowledging the shocking number of deaths of unwanted animals that have died in this country.

If you want to get involved and help stop so many unwanted animals from dying in Australia, contact:
Ph: 0266281358
Fax: 0266287398
Or visit


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