Nano Speed

Nano Speed

Nano Speed

Nano Speed races in to Australia with the FASTEST, SMALLEST and MOST collectible pull back vehicles around!

Nano Speed are performance-based micro-vehicles that clock in at a ridiculous scaled speed of 1046kph!!

With this insane power to weight ratio, Nano Speed cars are capable of defying gravity and pulling off stunts like never before.

There are five different ranges, including off road, hot rods, super cars, utility and V8 with six unique cars in each to collect.

Unlike most friction style vehicles, Nano Speed are also Free-Rolling for push around, imaginative play and continuous launch stunts.

The Nano Speed large playset includes two Nano Speed cars plus an amazing race track to put them to the test. Featuring a triple loop and inverted corkscrew, boosted continuous racing and five amazing crash points, who's Nano Speed will last the distance? Also comes with exclusive Deco stickers for the ramps.

Watch them fly with the Nano Speed Launcher. Launch up to 12 cars at one time, and race four cars at once, the Nano Speed Launcher comes with two Nano Speed cars and exclusive Deco stickers.

Choose from the Triple Loop or the Nano Jump stunt sets. Each come with a unique Nano Speed car and Deco stickers.

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Stockists: From all major retailers and independent toy stores across Australia
Available: From September 2012
Nano Speed 2pk Assorted RRP$4.99, Nano Speed 4pk Assorted $9.99 and Nano Speed Supervert Large Playset RRP$39.99