Must Eat

Must Eat

Must Eat

Must Eat is about classic French bistro food with a modern twist, made with love and top-quality produce. Featuring its two hallmarks - oysters and charcuterie, this is genuine French cooking at its best.

Lavishly designed with stunning food photography, this new release takes us through the intricate world of the most wine friendly food style - indeed Must's wine consultant of six years has matched each recipe with a specific wine.

Author, chef, radio personality and owner of Must Winebar, Russell Blaikie, who completed his apprenticeship under the greatest chef in Britain at the time, Anton Mosimann, at the Dorchester Hotel, speaks of his upbringing in Must Eat and how it has shaped his stellar career.

Must Eat is one of only a few West Australian cookbooks that features the quality produce that can be found in the state's South West region.

"My early years on the farm gave me an education in provenance and seasonality that has been invaluable in my career as a chef. I have an understanding, respect and admiration for my suppliers and growers, all of whom are an integral part of my success as a restaurateur...This book is as much their story as it is about the recipes that use their products," he said.

Russell Blaikie was brought up on a dairy and sheep farm in the heart of the Margaret River wine region. His cherished memories are of warm milk from the dairy on morning cereals, fresh mushrooms picked from the paddocks at dinner and fresh fruits plucked from the trees planted around the farmhouse. Those memories gave Russell an understanding of seasonality, which today is expressed in Must Winebars produce driven menu of classic French Bistro food with a modern touch and expert technique. "Food from the heart to feed the soul" is how he describes the food at Must and his recently opened Must Margaret River.

Must Eat
UWA Publishing
Author: Russell Blaikie
ISBN: 9781921401671
Price: $49.99