Mother Earth Brekkie on the Go

Mother Earth Brekkie on the Go

Mother Earth Brekkie on the Go

How often do you skip the most important meal of the day? According to Galaxy Research, 65% of adults skip breakfast daily, saying they're too busy and don't have the time to sit and have a meal.

Mother Earth has launched Brekkie on the Go, a new wholesome breakfast alternative making mornings easier for busy people.

Mother Earth Ambassador, netball great and busy Mum Sharelle McMahon says finding the time for breakfast can be difficult.

'Life is always a juggle and when things are busy, it can be hard to even find time for breakfast. As a former professional athlete, I'm only too aware of the importance of a healthy breakfast and a balanced diet. New Mother Earth Brekkie on the Go is a delicious and easy option for when I don't have time to sit and eat breakfast."

Brekkie on the Go is a blend of toasted muesli bites made from grains, seeds and wholegrain oats, combined with fresh, high quality nuts and dried fruit, or real dark chocolate. Each serve contains the same amount of protein and fibre as a bowl of toasted muesli, only made more convenient for Aussies on the run as it comes in a pourable, easy to consume pack that can be taken, and eaten anywhere.

'Breakfast is the best way to give your brain and body enough energy for a long day, although many Australians don't have time to stop and enjoy a meal. Brekkie on the Go is the ideal portable option for a nutritious breakfast that eliminates the need for a bowl, spoon or straw," Caroline Potter Senior Brand Manager, Mother Earth, said.

Brekkie on the Go comes in three great flavours: Apricot and Almond, Cashew and Cranberry, and Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut.The best part? No milk means no mess.

Mother Earth Brekkie on the Go is available at Coles supermarkets from November 2014. The RRP for a box of 6 handy single-serve size packets is $6.29, and individual serve packets $1.39 each. Brekkie on the Go is a handy option to have in the cupboard or handbag for a fulfilling breakfast after the gym, or to start any day.

Brekkie on the Go enhances the existing Mother Earth Range in Australia, which includes Baked Oaty Slices, Pingos and a range of nuts and fruit and nut blends.

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