Share The Taste Of Christmas With Woolworths

Share The Taste Of Christmas With Woolworths

Share The Taste Of Christmas With Woolworths

Featuring the freshest produce from Australian growers, the best-quality meats and seafood,
exclusive recipes by Jamie Oliver and the most deliciously indulgent puddings, desserts and
confectionery, be inspired with Woolies this entertaining season.


Festive Feasts:


Woolworths Gold Turducken

An enticing hand rolled trio meat combination of 100% Australian grown Free Range turkey from
the Southern Highlands and Hawkesbury region of NSW, 100% Australian grown Free range
Chicken from the subtropical coastal region of Redland Bay and the lush rolling hills of the
Beaudesert ranges southwest of Brisbane and 100% Australian grown, Barn raised Duck from the Greater Sydney Basin. All three meats are moisture infused to provide a succulent eating
experience, complemented with a fig and Pistachio stuffing core, topped with a bacon lattice and
garnished with fresh Rosemary for a unique premium roast.
RRP $19.99/kg

Woolworths Gold Free Range Leg Ham

Premium quality leg ham made from 100% Australian free range pork that has been cured,
traditionally hand netted and smoked with beechwood.

Gold Turkey Breast with Cranberry, Pear & Walnut

Made from 100% Australian grown Free Range Turkey from the Southern Highlands of NSW.
A boneless Turkey Breast portion with a cranberry, pear and walnut stuffing core, topped with a
bacon lattice and garnished with fresh Rosemary for a unique premium roast.
RRP $19.99/kg

From The Sea:


Gold Fresh Smoked Salmon

Woolworths will be the only supermarket to sell fresh smoked salmon this Christmas. Sourced
from the pristine waters of Tasmania, the Gold Smoked Salmon delivers a perfectly balanced smoky flavour with a luxuriously smooth and succulent texture.
RRP $19.99 (400g)

Cooked Australian Tiger Prawns

Woolworths will be in plentiful supply this Christmas of Australian tiger prawns at a competitive price in the market. A Christmas classic, the dinner table isn't complete without a platter of juicy tiger prawns.

MSC Certified Australian Green Banana Prawns

All our stores will be ranged with large green banana prawns at a competitive price in the market. A sweet, versatile, tasty treat and caught in Australian waters.

Jamie Oliver


As part of the Woolworths and Jamie Oliver partnership there is range of great tasting, healthy and convenient fresh meals available exclusively at Woolworths like the -Created with Jamie Salads' perfect for a Christmas feast or something special for your family or friends, with the Jamie Oliver gift sets. These will surely bring a touch of magic to the holiday season.

Created with Jamie


Make life easier with Jamie's ready to use salad kits from the Created with Jamie range. Choose from Jamie's Favourite Slaw, the Funky Beetroot Salad or the Crunchy Salad.
RRP $6.00 each


Jamie Oliver Oil & Vinegar Dipping Set

Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar set with deep red glazed terracotta dipping dishes.
RRP $30.00

Jamie Oliver Glorious Oil (3 pk)

Three delicious oils; extra virgin olive oil, chilli infused and rosemary infused. They are perfect for drizzling or dipping and will add flavour to any dish.
RRP $15.00

Jamie Oliver Terracotta Pinch Pot Set with Salt & Pepper

Lovely terracotta pinch pots come with flaked sea salt and cracked black pepper to add the
perfect amount of seasoning to your dishes.
RRP $10.00

Woolworth's Gold:


Gold Fig and Walnut Paste

A premium handmade entertaining and dining accompaniment to festive dishes. Roasted, caramelised figs mixed with crushed walnuts give a sweet scrumptious luxury accompaniment to any charcuterie and cheese platter.
RRP $6.49

Gold Truffle Salami

Hand-crafted gourmet salami made using Australian Pork & Black Italian Truffles.
RRP $13.49 (400g)

Gold Smoked Australian Wagyu Beef

Prime Australian Wagyu Beef that is cured and lightly wood smoked.
RRP $5.98 (100g)

Gold Oatcakes

Made in Scotland from an authentic traditional recipe, Gold oatcakes are light and crumbly and come in two delicious flavours. Try the chive with cheese or your favourite savoury topping or for something different try the olive oil with your favourite sweet topping.
RRP $3.99

Gold Prosciutto di Parma

Made using traditional methods, this genuine Prosciutto di Parma is imported from Italy and is cured using sea salt and matured for a minimum of 18 months.

Gold Chorizo with Smoked Spanish Paprika

Fully cured and ready to eat chorizo made from coarsely ground Australian pork and seasoned with spices, Himalayan Rock Salt and smoked Spanish paprika and is then traditionally cured and matured.

Gold Fig & Fennel Baguette

Hand crafted using authentic artisan techniques, this loaf has been rested, wrapped in Belgian
linen, and allowed to rise slowly to give a distinguished full flavour.
RRP $6.50

Gold Duck Fat Potatoes

Crispy skinned Tasmanian King Edward Potatoes basted in French duck fat and wild Porcini
Salt. Perfect for roasting.
RRP $6.98


Something Sweet:


Gold Fruit Mince Pies with Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Baked in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, luxury Fruit Mince Pies are made with one of the finest Whiskies in the region, the Single Malt 10 year aged Scotch Whisky from Glenfarclas. Awarded a silver Medal At the Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show 2014.
RRP $6.50

Gold Luxury Mini Tart Assortment (9pack)

Bite sized, all-butter pastry mini tarts filled with three unique delicious fillings baked in the heart
of the Scottish Highlands. Choose from Maple & Pecan – maple infused fruit filling, scattered with Pecan pieces. Caramel & Hazelnut - chopped hazelnuts sunken in a gooey caramel and Bourbon & Oak Smoked Cranberry - fruit & oak smoked cranberries covered in a streusel topping.
RRP $6.50

Gold Hand Finished Chocolate Hazelnut Pavlova

Made with Free Range eggs, it is hand finished to form peaks on the pavlova and drizzled with
chocolate sauce and finished with chopped roasted hazelnut pieces.
RRP $16.00

Woolworths Gold After Dinner Collection

Crafted with the finest Belgian chocolate and exotic salts from the Himalayas and the Dead Sea,
these indulgent treats are a showstopping finale for any festive meal.
RRP $9.00 (12pc) and $13 (25pc)


Deck The Halls:


Deck the halls with a stunning and extensive range of decorations, ornaments, wrapping paper,
cards and ribbons, guaranteed to wow this festive season. Choose from four themes; Jingle Bell
Collection: Homespun, rustic theme that has been influenced by the nordic colour pallet of
traditional reds blended with whites, with a highlight of a cool blue to pop. Merry Metallics
Collection: Shimmering treatments of glitter, foiling and metallics. Classic Christmas
Collection: Traditional colour pallet with glistening treatments to make you feel the warmth and love of Christmas. Vivid Collection: Bursting at the seams with rainbow colours and bold patterns, this trend is sure to ignite the Christmas spirit and child within!

Gifts Galore:


This year Woolworths has more exciting and new gifts than ever before, including products from
Jamie Oliver. Featuring gorgeous gifting ideas for everyone from discerning foodies to beauty lovers and toy-crazy kids, there's a huge range of new products sure to please family and friends alike this festive season.