Mosquito-Click A Revolutionary Remedy for Insect Bites

Mosquito-Click A Revolutionary Remedy for Insect Bites
A Revolutionary Remedy for Insect Bites!

Mosquito-Click™ is set to change the way we treat insect bites in Australia. It is a chemical-free way to stop the itchiness and inflammation of mosquito, sandfly, bull ant - and even jellyfish - stings. Finally some relief is here!

Too often we can find that our summer nights can be spoiled by itchy mosquito bites. If we (or the kids) give in to temptation and scratch we can end up with skin irritations that can be more serious than the initial bite.

That's where the great little gadget, Mosquito-Click™ can help.

The Mosquito-Click™ is made in Italy and clinically trialed. It works using a sort of mini electric shock (but it doesn't hurt!). You just hold the device like a pen, point the narrow end on the bite and click to stop the itching. Another few clicks can stop the swelling as well.

Perfect for everyone, but especially for people who get an allergic reaction to mozzie bites and for children (from 6 months).

Mosquito-Click™ is small enough to carry everywhere with you. It's this summer's must-have accessory.

If it stings or itches you click

The Mosquito-Click is available from Kmart, My Chemist, Ray's Outdoors, Chemist Warehouse, Aussie Disposals, Mitchell Disposals, Bakpakka, Down Under Camping, Lyal Eales Stores and other good chemists and outdoor/camping stores. The RRP is $19.95

Review: If you are tied of being the live bait throughout the warmer months, or like to be prepared at the beach for mossies, sandflies, jellies, ants and other biters, Mosquito-Click is the perfect accessory. Stop the sting, itch & inflammation instantly.