Low-Carb Living the Key to Lifelong Wellbeing

Low-Carb Living the Key to Lifelong Wellbeing

Low-Carb Living the Key to Lifelong Wellbeing

Renowned among dieters for working weight-loss wonders, the benefits of low-carb diets go way beyond whittling your waistline to improving overall metabolic health and helping your body to perform at its peak.


To help you boost your overall wellbeing – including the way your body looks and feels – Ms Colette Heimowitz, VP of Education and Nutrition at Atkins Nutritionals has the lowdown on the many advantages of living low-carb:


Up your energy

Snacking on sugar and carb-loaded foods causes your insulin levels to spike, creating a short-term energy surge which soon comes crashing down, leaving you lethargic and craving your next sugar hit. Low-carb diets maintain steady insulin levels, helping keep your energy levels up without the extreme highs and lows of the sugar roller-coaster.  


To maximise your get-up-and-go, include protein at every meal, such as eggs, tofu, fish, chicken, lean red meat, pork or dairy; together with high-fibre, low-carb foods which slow the entry of glucose into the bloodstream and slow digestion, helping you feel fuller for longer and encouraging the body to use, rather than store body fat.


Get your glow on

Sugars and empty carbohydrates can wreak havoc on skin and hair. Atkins' recipe for silky, shiny hair and clear, creamy skin encourages consuming foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants – such as seafood, nuts, seeds, olive oil, flax, low-sugar fruits, leafy veggies, green tea and heaps of water – to prevent breakouts, boost skin's elasticity and restore your inner glow.


Banish mood swings and boost your mental health
Research suggests low-carb, high-fat foods can drastically improve mental health[1], whereas high-sugar diets cause energy crashes, mood swings and higher levels of associated unhappiness, so stick with low-carb living to keep your moods on an even keel and your happiness levels high!

Think clearly & boost productivity

Eating a diet which stabilises blood sugar leads to all-day high energy levels and clear thinking – perfect for boosting your productivity, whether at work or at home. By switching your diet to a lower-carb, healthy-fat plan your brain will work different as your body uses slow-burning fat as its primary fuel source. A low carb lifestyle leads to longer periods of concentration compared to the intense highs and lows of high-carb eating, with scientific research indicating this way of eating also contributes to long-term brain health[2].


Weight wellness success

There's no doubt low-carb eating is conducive to weight wellness and long-term weight management. Achieving – and maintaining – your ideal body weight will help your body feel fantastic and work at is optimal capacity, whether at work, at the gym or just coping with the stress and strain of daily life.


How-to do low-carb on the go

To help you stick to your low-carb lifestyle when on-the-go, Atkins Nutritionals has developed a range of tasty low-carb, low-sugar snacks to satisfy even the sweetest tooths among us. Try the protein-packed Atkins Advantage Chocolate Mint bar, or the Endulge treat bar range which delivers a sweet hit with 90% less sugar than your regular favourites - popular picks include the Endulge Choc Coconut or the Caramel Nut Chew Available at leading supermarkets and from selected pharmacies.


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